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2010-05-26 Mike Gorse <>
* Application.cs: Fix cache object path name to correspond with
what is now used by at-spi2-atk.
2010-05-12 Mike Gorse <>
* Accessible.cs: Do not cache children of a Filler [BNC#600024]
2010-04-20 Mike Gorse <>
* Accessible.cs, StateSet.cs: Make StateSet cache its accessible and
do not trust cache for StateType.Enabled (bug 596801)
* Accessible.cs: Recognize Hyperlink interface.
2010-03-17 Mike Gorse <>
* Accessible.cs: Recognize Application interface, and warn rather
than throw an exception for unknown interfaces.
* Accessible.cs, Registry.cs: Ignore our own process for now to
avoid deadlock.
2010-03-01 Mike Gorse <>
* Accessible.cs: Bind GetAttributes.
2010-02-24 Mike Gorse <>
* Accessible.cs, Application.cs, EventBase.cs,, EventObject.cs,
Registry.cs: Queue calls that could cause dbus events when firing
ChildrenChanged events so that they are fired in order.
2010-02-17 Mike Gorse <>
* Accessible.cs, Action.cs, Application.cs, Component.cs, Desktop.cs,
Document.cs, EditableText.cs, EventDocument.cs, EventFocus.cs,
EventKeyboard.cs, EventMouse.cs, EventObject.cs, EventTerminal.cs,
EventWindow.cs, Hyperlink.cs, Hypertext.cs, Image.cs, Registry.cs,
Selection.cs, Table.cs, Text.cs, Value.cs: org.freedesktop -> org.a11y
to match at-spi2 0.1.7.
* Application.cs, Registry.cs: Add Pid property (used by
* DeviceEventController.cs, Registry.cs,
Add DeviceEventController.
2010-02-09 Sandy Armstrong <>
* Add a .dll.config file for ndesk-dbus.
2010-02-05 Mike Gorse <>
* EventBase.cs: Track at-spi2 api.
* Accessible.cs: Fetch interfaces when unknown.
* Accessible.cs, Registry.cs: Fix some crashes.
2010-02-04 Mike Gorse <>
* Accessible.cs: Fetch Parent, Name, and Description if we do not
have cached data for them.
* Accessible.cs, Application.cs: Fix several exceptions.
* Registry.cs: Do not create an appliation for an element with no bus
* Registry.cs: Make GetAtspiBus internal to be compatible with
our ndesk-dbus fork.
2010-02-03 Mike Gorse <>
* EventBase.cs, EventDocument.cs, EventFocus.cs, EventKeyboard.cs,
EventMouse.cs, EventObject.cs, EventTerminal.cs, EventWindow.cs, Track at-spi event api, and add wrappers to remove unused
* StateSet.cs, StateType.cs: use [System.Flags]
* Table.cs: Fix Caption and Summary.
* Component.cs, RelationSet.cs, Selection.cs, Table.cs: Internal GetElement refactoring.
* Accessible.cs, Application.cs, Hypertext.cs: Track at-spi api.
2009-12-03 Mike Gorse <>
* Desktop.cs: Remove "On" prefix from event names.
2009-11-24 Mike Gorse <>
* Accessible.cs: Fix firing of ChildAdded.
* Registry.cs: Try when iterating so that the thread does not
silently abort on an exception.
2009-11-19 Mike Gorse <>
* Accessible.cs, Desktop.cs: Set Desktop role.
* Registry.cs: Start an Iterate thread if startLoop set on init.
* Registry.cs: Set the Desktop instance as an Application's parent.
2009-11-12 Sandy Armstrong <>
* Registry.cs: Bus property is now internal instead of public.
* AssemblyInfo.cs: Bundle patched ndesk-dbus directly into at-spi-sharp
with all public types internalized. Set InternalsVisibleTo for tests.
2009-11-12 Mike Gorse <>
* Accessible.cs, Component.cs, Selection.cs, Table.cs, RelationSet.cs,
Application.cs, Registry.cs: Track at-spi changes supporting
out-of-process accessibles.
2009-10-29 Mike Gorse <>
* StateSet.cs: Add constructor and equality operators.
* StateSet.cs, Accessible.cs: AddState -> Add.
* Accessible.cs, Desktop.cs, Event.cs: Add ChildAdded, ChildRemoved,
NameChanged, RoleChanged, StateChanged, and DescriptionChanged.
* Accessible.cs, Application.cs: Add Dispose.
* Registry.cs: Dispose applications.
2009-10-14 Mike Gorse <>
* Action.cs, Accessible.cs, Application.cs, Component.cs, Document.cs,
EditableText.cs, Hyperlink.cs, Hypertext.cs, Image.cs, Registry.cs,
Selection.cs, table.cs, Text.cs, Value.cs: Modify method and signal
names to correspond with DBus spec.
* Accessible.cs, Event.cs, Add event bindings.
* Accessible.cs, UncachedChildren.cs, Fetch children of
ManagesDescendants objects over the wire rather than relying on cache.
2009-09-16 Mike Gorse <>
* Document.cs, Hyperlink.cs, Hypertext.cs, Table.cs, Accessible.cs, Add several interface bindings.
* StateSet.cs: int -> uint for constructor to match dbus spec.
ContainsState -> Contains to match at-spi spec.
* Accessible.cs: Clear children before re-adding from an update.
Don't treat Collection as an unknown interface.
* Role.cs: Fix order of some roles.
* Role.cs, Component.cs: Remove LastDefined.
* Accessible.cs, Application.cs: make Application public and bind
ToolkitName to it.
* Application.cs: Bind null object.
Add destructor to remove event handler.
* Accessible.cs, Application.cs: Use ObjectPaths instead of strings
in some places.
* Registry.cs: glib -> startLoop, and iterate in a separate thread if
startLoop is true.
* registry.cs: Remove UpdateApplications event handler when terminating.
2009-07-29 Mike Gorse <>
* StateType.cs, StateSet.cs: Various fixes.
* Accessible.cs, RelationSet.cs, Add Relation support.
2009-07-01 Mike Gorse <>
* Set Package to Accessibility.
2009-05-21 Mike Gorse <>
* Selection.cs, Add Selection binding.
2009-05-21 Mike Gorse <>
* Remove Helper.cs.
2009-05-21 Mike Gorse <>
* Action.cs: Whitespace.
* EditableText.cs, image.cs, Text.cs, Accessible.cs,
Added EditableText, Image, and Text bindings.
* Accessible.cs: Fix Parent, add IndexInParent.
* Component.cs: Define CoordType as uint to match revised spec.
2009-04-03 Mike Gorse <>
*, Accessible.cs, Value.cs: Add Value interface.
* Action.cs: cosmetic.