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import os
import shutil
from plistlib import Plist
from util.util import *
from unixprofile import UnixProfile
from profile import Profile
import stat
from distutils.version import LooseVersion, StrictVersion
# staging helper functions
def match_stageable_text(path, filetype):
if os.path.islink(path) or os.path.isdir(path):
return False
return path.endswith('.pc') or 'libtool library file' in filetype or 'text executable' in filetype
def match_text(path, filetype):
if os.path.islink(path) or os.path.isdir(path):
return False
return match_stageable_text(path, filetype) or 'text' in filetype
def match_stageable_binary(path, filetype):
if os.path.islink(path) or os.path.isdir(path):
return False
return 'Mach-O' in filetype and not path.endswith('.a') and not 'dSYM' in path
def match_symlinks(path, filetype):
return os.path.islink(path)
def match_real_files(path, filetype):
return (not os.path.islink(path) and not os.path.isdir(path))
class DarwinProfile (UnixProfile):
# package order is very important.
# autoconf and automake don't depend on CC
# ccache uses a different CC since it's not installed yet
# every thing after ccache needs a working ccache
default_toolchain = [
# needed to autogen gtk+
def use_Xcode(self, min_version='5.1.1', xcodebuild_version_prefix='Xcode '):
xcrun_cc_str = backtick('xcrun cc --version')[0]
cc_str = backtick('cc --version')[0]
if xcrun_cc_str != cc_str:
error('Multiple "cc" compiler versions found. (XCode-selected: "%s";"cc" at $PATH: "%s"' % (
xcrun_cc_str, cc_str))
xcodebuild_str = backtick('xcodebuild -version')[0] # output: "Xcode X.X.X"
if not xcodebuild_str.startswith(xcodebuild_version_prefix):
error('Unexpected output from "xcodebuild" (first line: "%s"' % (xcodebuild_str))
xcode_version = StrictVersion(xcodebuild_str[len(xcodebuild_version_prefix):])
if xcode_version < StrictVersion(min_version):
error('Xcode version required %s, installed %s' % (min_version, xcode_version))
self.env.set('xcode_version', str(xcode_version))
return xcode_version
def attach (self, bockbuild):
UnixProfile.attach (self, bockbuild)
bockbuild.toolchain = list (DarwinProfile.default_toolchain) = 'darwin'
xcode_version = self.use_Xcode ()
osx_sdk = backtick('xcrun --show-sdk-path')[0]
if not os.path.exists(osx_sdk):
error('Mac OS X SDK not found under %s' % osx_sdk)
info('Using Xcode %s, SDK %s' % (xcode_version, os.path.basename(osx_sdk)))
if xcode_version >= '8.0':
# based on This applies to XCode 8, OS X 10.11 and the 10.12 SDK. The following symbols will be unresolved
# when running binaries on a system of lower version than 10.12.
map(lambda t : self.configure_flags.append ('ac_cv_func_%s=no' % t), 'basename_r clock_getres clock_gettime clock_settime dirname_r getentropy mkostemp mkostemps'.split(' '))
'-isysroot %s' % osx_sdk,
# needed to ensure install_name_tool can succeed staging binaries
# needed to ensure install_name_tool can succeed staging binaries
def setup (self):
if self.min_version:
self.target_osx = '10.%s' % self.min_version
['-mmacosx-version-min=%s' % self.target_osx])
self.env.set('MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET', self.target_osx)
if Profile.bockbuild.cmd_options.debug is True:
self.gcc_flags.extend(['-O0', '-ggdb3'])
if os.getenv('BOCKBUILD_USE_CCACHE') is None:
self.env.set('CC', 'xcrun gcc')
self.env.set('CXX', 'xcrun g++')
self.env.set('CC', 'ccache xcrun gcc')
self.env.set('CXX', 'ccache xcrun g++')
self.debug_info = []
if self.bockbuild.cmd_options.arch == 'default':
self.bockbuild.cmd_options.arch = 'darwin-32'
def arch_build(self, arch, package):
if arch == 'darwin-universal':
package.local_ld_flags = ['-arch i386', '-arch x86_64']
package.local_gcc_flags = ['-arch i386', '-arch x86_64']
elif arch == 'darwin-32':
package.local_ld_flags = ['-arch i386', '-m32']
package.local_gcc_flags = ['-arch i386', '-m32']
package.local_configure_flags = [
'--build=i386-apple-darwin11.2.0', '--disable-dependency-tracking']
elif arch == 'darwin-64':
package.local_ld_flags = ['-arch x86_64 -m64']
package.local_gcc_flags = ['-arch x86_64 -m64']
package.local_configure_flags = ['--disable-dependency-tracking']
error('Unknown arch %s' % arch)
configure_cache = '%s/%s-%s.cache' % (self.bockbuild.build_root,, arch)
package.aux_files.append (configure_cache)
['--cache-file=%s' % configure_cache])
if in self.debug_info:
def process_package(self, package):
failure_count = 0
def staging_harness(path, func, failure_count=failure_count):
def relocate_to_profile(token):
if token.find(package.staged_prefix) == -1 and token.find(package.staged_profile) == -1:
newtoken = token.replace(
package.package_prefix, package.staged_profile)
newtoken = token.replace(
package.staged_prefix, package.staged_profile)
if newtoken != token:
package.trace('%s:\n\t%s\t->\t%s' %
(os.path.basename(path), token, newtoken))
return newtoken
if (path.endswith('.release')):
error('Staging backup exists in dir we''re trying to stage: %s' % path)
backup = path + '.release'
shutil.copy2(path, backup)
trace('Staging %s' % path)
func(path, relocate_to_profile)
if os.path.exists(path + '.stage'):
shutil.move(path + '.stage', path)
shutil.copystat(backup, path)
except CommandException as e:
shutil.copy2(backup, path)
warn('Staging failed for %s' % os.path.basename(path))
failure_count = failure_count + 1
if failure_count > 10:
error('Possible staging issue, >10 staging failures')
extra_files = [os.path.join(package.staged_prefix, expand_macros(file, package))
for file in package.extra_stage_files]
procs = []
if in self.debug_info:
match=match_stageable_text, extra_files=extra_files))
harness=staging_harness, match=match_stageable_binary))
Profile.postprocess(self, procs, package.staged_prefix)
def process_release(self, directory):
# validate staged install
# TODO: move to end of '--build' instead of at the beginning of '--package'
# unprotect_dir (self.staged_prefix, recursive = True)
# Profile.postprocess (self, [self.validate_rpaths (match = self.match_stageable_binary),
# self.validate_symlinks (match = self.match_symlinks)],
# self.staged_prefix)
unprotect_dir(directory, recursive=True)
def destaging_harness(backup, func):
path = backup[0:-len('.release')]
def relocate_for_release(token):
newtoken = token.replace(self.staged_prefix, self.prefix).replace(directory, self.prefix)
if newtoken != token:
trace('%s:\n\t%s\t->\t%s' %
(os.path.basename(path), token, newtoken))
return newtoken
trace('Destaging %s' % path)
func(path, relocate_for_release)
if os.path.exists(path + '.stage'):
shutil.move(path + '.stage', path)
shutil.copystat(backup, path)
except Exception as e:
warn ('Critical: Destaging failed for ''%s''' % path)
procs = [self.stage_textfiles(harness=destaging_harness, match=match_text),
self.stage_binaries(harness=destaging_harness, match=match_stageable_binary)]
Profile.postprocess(self, procs, directory,
lambda l: l.endswith('.release'))
class validate_text_staging (Profile.FileProcessor):
problem_files = []
def __init__(self, package):
self.package = package
def process(self, path):
with open(path) as text:
stage_name = os.path.basename(self.package.stage_root)
for line in text:
if stage_name in line:
warn('String ''%s'' was found in %s' %
(stage_name, self.relpath(path)))
def end(self):
if len(self.problem_files) > 0:
error('Problematic staging files:\n' +
class validate_symlinks (Profile.FileProcessor):
problem_links = []
def process(self, path):
if path.endswith('.release'):
# get rid of these symlinks
target = os.path.realpath(path)
if not os.path.exists(target) or not target.startswith(self.root):
'%s -> %s' % (self.relpath(path), target))
def end(self):
if len(self.problem_links) > 0:
# TODO: Turn into error when we handle them
warn('Broken symlinks:\n' + '\n'.join(self.problem_links))
class generate_dsyms (Profile.FileProcessor):
def __init__(self):
Profile.FileProcessor.__init__(self, match=match_stageable_binary)
def process(self, path):
run_shell('dsymutil -t 2 "%s" >/dev/null' % path)
run_shell('strip -S "%s" > /dev/null' % path)
class validate_rpaths (Profile.FileProcessor):
def process(self, path):
if path.endswith('.release'):
libs = backtick('otool -L %s' % path)
for line in libs:
# parse 'otool -L'
if not line.startswith('\t'):
rpath = line.strip().split(' ')[0]
if not os.path.exists(rpath):
error('%s contains reference to non-existing file %s' %
(self.relpath(path), rpath))
# if rpath.startswith (self.package.profile.MONO_ROOT):
# error ('%s is linking to external distribution %s' % (path, rpath))
class stage_textfiles (Profile.FileProcessor):
def process(self, path, fixup_func):
with open(path) as text:
output = open(path + '.stage', 'w')
for line in text:
tokens = line.split(" ")
for idx, token in enumerate(tokens):
remap = fixup_func(token)
tokens[idx] = remap
output.write(" ".join(tokens))
output.close ()
class stage_binaries (Profile.FileProcessor):
def process(self, path, fixup_func):
staged_path = fixup_func(path)
run_shell('install_name_tool -id %s %s' %
(staged_path, path), False)
libs = backtick('otool -L %s' % path)
for line in libs:
# parse 'otool -L'
if not line.startswith('\t'):
rpath = line.strip().split(' ')[0]
remap = fixup_func(rpath)
if remap != rpath:
run_shell('install_name_tool -change %s %s %s' %
(rpath, remap, path), False)