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import os
import shutil
from plistlib import Plist
from util.util import *
from unixprofile import UnixProfile
class GlickProfile (UnixProfile):
def __init__ (self):
UnixProfile.__init__ (self) = 'glick'
self.prefix = '/proc/self/fd/1023'
self.env.set ('BUILD_PREFIX', self.prefix)
self.glick_path = '/usr/bin/mkglick'
if not os.path.exists (self.glick_path):
raise IOError ('Glick is not installed ( %s' \
% self.glick_path)
if not os.path.exists (self.prefix):
raise IOError ('We are not running in a glick magic shell')
def bundle (self):
self.make_app_bundle ()
def make_app_bundle (self):
start_path = os.path.join (self.bundle_skeleton_dir, 'start')
if not os.path.exists (start_path):
print 'Warning: no start script in glick skeleton'
# Create the bundle, copying the skeleton
shutil.rmtree (self.bundle_output_dir, ignore_errors = True)
shutil.copytree (self.bundle_skeleton_dir, self.bundle_output_dir)
# Run solitary against the installation to collect files
files = ''
for file in self.bundle_from_build:
files = files + ' "%s"' % os.path.join (self.prefix, file)
run_shell ('mono --debug ../../solitary/Solitary.exe '
'--mono-prefix="%s" --root="%s" --out="%s" %s' % \
(self.prefix, self.prefix, self.bundle_output_dir, files))
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