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Build & packaging system, responsible for the Mono project distribution for Mac
Python Shell

Note: This is the actively maintained version of Bockbuild, used to put together the Mono Mac framework package for OS X. The legacy versions (used for Banshee and older Mono versions) are available here:

The Mono Mac distribution

To build the distribution with the very latest Mono, download :

$ git clone bockbuild
$ cd bockbuild/profiles/mono-mac
$ ./ --build --arch darwin-32

--arch can also be darwin-64 or darwin-universal (32/64 lipoed build).

To build the distribution with a Mono from a branch:

$ MONO_BRANCH=mono-4.4.0-branch ./ --build --arch darwin-32

To build the distribution with your local copy of Mono:

$ MONO_REPOSITORY=/your/mono ./ --build --arch darwin-32

To get a shell that uses your custom-built distribution (e.g. to build & run Monodevelop against it):

$ MONO_BRANCH=mono-4.4.0-branch ./ --shell

Finally, to create a package of the distribution:

$ MONO_BRANCH=mono-4.4.0-branch ./ --build --package

Xamarin Releases

Release packages are built with the following:

$ cd bockbuild/profiles/mono-mac-xamarin
$ ./ --build --package --release --arch darwin-32
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