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Cecil is a library to generate and inspect programs and libraries in the ECMA CIL form.

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do not read behind signature boundaries

 - when NumNamed count is wrong
 - assemblies with such a problem are used in #28198
latest commit a6eec3e8cb
@radekdoulik radekdoulik authored
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Mono.Cecil.Cil Fix ComputeStackDelta() for calli instruction.
Mono.Cecil.Metadata Use ordinal comparer for string keyed dictionaries
Mono.Cecil.PE Handle zeroed debug header. Fix #174
Mono.Cecil do not read behind signature boundaries
Mono.Collections.Generic Update copyright
Mono.Security.Cryptography Update copyright
Mono Fix compilation for the compact framework
System.Runtime.CompilerServices Update copyright
Test Add test for resolving portable class libraries references
dbg Add different net_2_0, net_3_5 and net_4_0 build configurations
rocks Update to nunit 2.6.2
.gitattributes Add gitattributes
.gitignore update ignores
Mono.Cecil.csproj Add winphone build configuration
Mono.Cecil.nunit update paths
Mono.Cecil.nuspec Make nuget
Mono.Cecil.sln Add winphone build configuration
Mono.Cecil.sln.DotSettings More resharper settings
NOTES.txt update notes
mono.snk initial commit
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