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General Information

This is Vorbis# version 0.1.

Vorbis# is a C# OggVorbis decoder written purely in C#.  It is based off of
the Java version (Jorbis v0.0.12).

The code can compile with Microsoft's .NET Framework or the Mono project's
C# compiler mcs.  The Makefiles can handle either ('make windows' for compiling
under Win32 and csc, and 'make unix' to compile under mcs).

There is also a project file for use with VS.NET.

The compile will produce three files:


OggDecoder takes two arguments, the first is a valid bitstream, the other
is a file where 16 bit PCM data is written to.

If you use ESD, a great example is:

mono OggDecoder.exe my.ogg /dev/stdout | esdcat /dev/stdin

This code has been tested extensively with the mono JIT.  The MS will work as
well, but you're on your own to use it to play sound in realtime (i.e., write 
your own audio backend).  Pnet is untested completely.  Don't even try this
with Rotor, unless you have a lot of time on your hands.