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Commits on May 26, 2013
@tritao tritao Desugar the pointee type when checking for primitive types in the mar…
@tritao tritao Actually add variables to the namespace when parsing. c3810b5
@tritao tritao Fixed the TypeCompletionChecker pass to not walk recursively through …
…all the types as that can lead to some wrong ignore behavior.
Commits on May 29, 2013
@tritao tritao Changed function/method return types to be qualified types. e2fffdd
@tritao tritao Changed events parameters to be actual parameters rather than just ty…
@tritao tritao Added parsing of access specifiers in methods.
This lets us keep track of groups of methods in the order they were declared in the native class which is useful to bind some libraries, like Qt which uses non-standard constructs like Q_SIGNALS. Since we now also keep track of macro expansions in declarations this gives us the information needed to deal with those cases correctly.
@tritao tritao Fixed the FindHierarchy to walk the declarations top-down instead of …
…bottom-up, which is the expected behavior for the users of this method. This makes sure when searching for methods we find the one from the top classes first, instead of the base ones.
@tritao tritao Fixed the IsProcessed property to deal more robustly with declaration…
…s that are missing namespaces.
@tritao tritao Use the previously declared local variable. 6b5f218
@tritao tritao Added support for variables to CheckIgnoredDecls pass. 6f37c3c
@tritao tritao Added support for events to CheckIgnoredDecls pass. ee86be7
@tritao tritao Respect the type map information when checking for ignored types. eaa833b
@tritao tritao Refactored the internal function generation code to collect all the d…
…eclarations first and only then generate the needed functions. We also store them in a set to deal with duplicated entries.
@tritao tritao Collect the get/set methods used in properties so that we generate th…
…e needed internal function declarations.
@tritao tritao When generating the setter method of a property, use the first method…
… parameter type as the type for the setter.
@tritao tritao Use Helpers.SafeIdentifier when sending parameters to marshaling to d…
…eal with invalid identifiers.
@tritao tritao Check for not processed or explicitly ignored functions instead of ju…
…st ignored, since ignored also checks for IsGenerated which is incorrect in this instance (eg. we dont want to generate wrapper methods for getters, but we still need their internal declaration for properties).
@tritao tritao Remove unused virtual function as it's been removed from up-to-date C…
…lang APIs.
@esdrubal esdrubal Fixed constructor CLI calls, ::ClassName::ClassName() is now ::ClassN…
@esdrubal esdrubal Added missing arguments of CLI event raise 55b05ec
@esdrubal esdrubal Event's parameters are now visited d53d287
Commits on May 30, 2013
@esdrubal esdrubal Fixed generated CLI source code for native functions and native stati…
…c methods
Commits on Jun 03, 2013
@tritao tritao FindNamespace now takes an IEnumerable instead of array. cf002fb
@tritao tritao Fixed FindEnum to work with qualified names. 95418f7
@tritao tritao Fixed FindClass to work with qualified names. a19381d
Commits on Jun 04, 2013
@terite terite Make manual formatting slightly nicer 43db362
@tritao tritao Merge pull request #1 from terite/patch-1
Make manual formatting slightly nicer
Commits on Jun 23, 2013
@tritao tritao Use the fully qualified name when searching for complete declarations. 4aa83eb
@tritao tritao Improved support for dependent arrays. 464dc37
@tritao tritao Removed extra whitespace. 0aeb17b
@tritao tritao Refactor file writing into the driver instead of duplicating it each …
@tritao tritao Do per-generator pass initialization and switch the C# generator to u…
…se it.
@tritao tritao Remove the GenerateStart and GenerateAfterNamespaces methods from the…
… ILibrary interface and replace them with delegates on each generator.
@tritao tritao Register generators in a static constructor. 439d363
@tritao tritao Added some documentation to some classes. c8ce6ad
@tritao tritao Remove some unused fields from the Library class. 35180f7
@tritao tritao Change the ILibrary methods to take a driver instance. d0fb961
@tritao tritao Remove extra using declaration. a9863b8
@tritao tritao Use the output namespace instead of the library name when generating …
…function names signatures.
@tritao tritao Update test utility class for new ILibrary interface. d7ff6ae
Commits on Jun 28, 2013
@tomspilman tomspilman Fixed Parser to compile against latest LLVM. b66cefc
@tomspilman tomspilman Fix to OpenCV example. 79aa2d0
@tomspilman tomspilman Fix to test Hello.cs. 46a245f
@tomspilman tomspilman Fixed stray class keyword in enum causing a C++ syntax error. 813df56
@tomspilman tomspilman Replaced RemovePrefixEnumItem with RemovePrefix. e44c41c
@tomspilman tomspilman Fixed construction of Driver. 8551b38
@tritao tritao Merge pull request #3 from SickheadGames/llvm_fix
Fixed to work with latest LLVM changes.
@tritao tritao Merge pull request #4 from SickheadGames/misc-fix
Misc Fixes
@tomspilman tomspilman CheckTypeReferencesPass was not skipping ignored source files. 04b61cd
@tritao tritao Merge pull request #7 from SickheadGames/ignore_fix
Fix For CheckTypeReferencesPass
@tomspilman tomspilman Removed unnessasary unsafe in extern methods. aff035b
@tritao tritao Merge pull request #10 from SickheadGames/rm-unsafe
Removed Unsafe
Commits on Jul 12, 2013
@tritao tritao Rename and change visibility of the StringBuilder instance in TextGen…
Bright Twin Got CppSharp building against the head of LLVM and Clang. 74b82a2
Commits on Jul 13, 2013
@tritao tritao Added support for decayed types which represent a pointer type decaye…
…d from an array or function type which have been added to latest Clang.
@tritao tritao Remove unused attribute. cdc618a
@tritao tritao Report a diagnostic instead of printing to the console. d890b2d
@tritao tritao Fixed the RenameTargets values to actually behave like flags bits. 92616d3
@tritao tritao Add support for renaming events. 3163e07
@tritao tritao Move some helper functions out of the template and into an helpers cl…
@tritao tritao Remove ILibrary out of the driver code and only call it from the Cons…
Commits on Jul 14, 2013
@tritao tritao Improve option checking. 16bd9d1
@tritao tritao Change pass builder to be initialized in the constructor. 4eb8358
@tritao tritao Simplified the generators interface. 6dc4f12
@tritao tritao Added new FindPass method to get the pass of a certain type. 0f418fd
@tritao tritao Split the generation and writing of bindings. c3ac9e7
@tritao tritao Generators now have a Process method to be able to do any custom proc…
@tritao tritao Use the AST utils methods to check for ignored declarations. 300b850
@tritao tritao Cleaned up TextTemplate class. cbe05e6
@tritao tritao Added a new templating system based on typed "text blocks", allowing …
…a lot more customization after the initial text is generated.

The design might still change a bit in the future, but this is a good first step in getting things in the final direction without having to change too much the current generators.
@tritao tritao Small cleanup to the TextGenerator class. 411aeeb
@tritao tritao Add support for deep cloning TextGenerator instances. 6dd7d19
@tritao tritao Add missing documentation comment. ee43c3e
@tritao tritao Check for empty names when checking for classes type references. e600aba
@tritao tritao Update the documentation a bit. bb5d95f
Commits on Jul 15, 2013
@tritao tritao Fix the build. 0a7656e
@tritao tritao Added missing MaxIndent option. ff0eb8e
@tritao tritao Prefix all the libraries and project names with CppSharp. c488dcb
@tritao tritao Remove VS2010 support. d48fdf6
@tritao tritao Remove the command line driver project. 412a3c0
@tritao tritao Update the tests to compile again. 19bba20
@tritao tritao Add the method RunPasses to PassBuilder. c989d9c
@tritao tritao Add the generated output to the list of outputs when generating. 76cf288
@tritao tritao Remove two unused options. a0e5aa1
@tritao tritao Add new option for checking symbols and for the main shared library n…
@tritao tritao Re-write code dealing with library symbol checking to respect the new…
… symbol checking options.
Commits on Jul 17, 2013
@tritao tritao Ignore properties if their getter or setter methods are also ignored. 2a08b6e
@tritao tritao Added support for CIL types to the type system. 3f66478
@tritao tritao Move the AST project to the CppSharp.AST namespace. 68ddfbd
@tritao tritao Re-write the blocks generator again (thanks to esdrubal for helping m…
…e with the new design).

Now the whitespace/new line handling is done by the output generator per block, instead of having to be managed manually which could lead to all sorts of messy output without being extra careful.

Also the new system limits the usage of generics since C# was too limited to design it properly, and it ended up being more trouble than it was worth. The blocks kinds were also changed to be const int, since enums are very hard to extend and made it hard to provide a common interface for dealing with blocks.
@tritao tritao Simplify library/symbols handling in the C# backend. 0307aca
@tritao tritao Ignore irrelevant Clang declarations in the parser. 9e3f9f2
@tritao tritao Do not visit already visited classes in the ResolveIncompleteDecls pass. 0e0a78e
@tritao tritao Visit the base VisitDeclaration in Pass. 443e2a2
@tritao tritao Update the SDL example. 1f35639
@tritao tritao Add two new properties IsOverride and IsProxy to methods.
These can be useful to provide "fake" declarations in the AST whose implementation is written by the user later with a MethodBody block. Since this is so useful for custom bindings a simplified abstraction for this will be added in the future.
@tritao tritao Add missing using. 373a875
Commits on Jul 18, 2013
@tritao tritao Convert the C# backend to the new blocks system. f47dc5b
Commits on Jul 20, 2013
@tritao tritao Renamed C++/CLI runtime helpers to CppSharp.h. 3a663e1
@tritao tritao Output the runtime helper in sources instead of headers. 815b9dc
@tritao tritao Use fully qualified names in C# to minimize the chance of conflicts. 7dca138
@tritao tritao When checking for ignored declarations, return early if the declarati…
…on is already ignored.
@tritao tritao Clean up the console driver by emitting file parsing diagnostics in t…
…he main driver.
@tritao tritao Add the enumeration item expression as a string to the AST. 6a31a00
@tritao tritao Re-work handling of enum constants fixing signedness and formatting i…
@tritao tritao Clean up driver. fdb35ce
@tritao tritao Reference classes now implement the ICppInstance interface.
This will be used to add support for overrides of Equals and GetHashCode.
@tritao tritao Added support for IsOverride in the generators. ef7cd8e
@esdrubal esdrubal Added HandlePreprocessedEntities call for all entities that doesn't c…
…ontain yet any preprocessed entity.
@esdrubal esdrubal Added return null to method FindClass when parameter class name is nu…
…ll or empty
@tritao tritao Added first pass at a pass for transforming compatible getters/setter…
…s into properties.
Commits on Jul 21, 2013
@tritao tritao Add work-in-progress ObjectOverrides pass that adds GetHashCode and E…
…quals overrides.
@esdrubal esdrubal Parser now initializes ClassTemplate's parameters f738d00
@esdrubal esdrubal Added support to specify with TypeMaps, required includes and forward…
… references of generic types
Commits on Jul 22, 2013
@esdrubal esdrubal Changed property Declaration.Name to virtual. Now ClassTemplate share…
…s Name with its TemplatedClass.
@esdrubal esdrubal Added synthetized check on block generation of ObjectOverridesPass.cs…
… so already existing methods are not modified.
@esdrubal esdrubal Fixed enum type print. 3242815
@esdrubal esdrubal Resolved ambiguity of System.Type and CppSharp.AST.Type e168e84
@esdrubal esdrubal Removed CheckTypeReferencesPass and TypeRefsVisitor 7dd2771
@esdrubal esdrubal Parser now adds namespace function parameters. 253946c
@esdrubal esdrubal Added ASTRecordCollector, it can be backtrack from where each declara…
…tion and type was visited.
@esdrubal esdrubal Added TypeReferenceCollector used for include and forward reference p…
…rinting. TypeMaps are now able to add includes and forward references. Record system allows more complex situations where you need a declaration's origin type/declaration.
@tritao tritao Merge pull request #13 from esdrubal/typerefs
C++/CLI Type references fixes
@tritao tritao Added work-in-progress getting started documentation. c494cc9
Commits on Jul 23, 2013
@tritao tritao Added full support for C++ documentation comments to the AST and parser. a6fa8af
@tritao tritao Use dynamic_cast instead of safe_cast for upcasting. 63468df
@tritao tritao Use a map to keep track of anonymous declarations else we cannot refe…
…r to them later when needed.

This could lead to self-referencing problems when parsing (and stack overflows!).
@tritao tritao Fixed the loop increment when parsing comment blocks. e5c141d
Commits on Jul 24, 2013
@tritao tritao Updated users manual. 2433deb
@tritao tritao Remove unused field. b2cabe2
Bright Twin Fix typo in HTML Comment processing code where the wrong variable was…
… being incremented.
@tritao tritao Merge pull request #14 from bobsummerwill/master
Fix typo in HTML Comment processing code where the wrong variable was be...
Bright Twin Added global:: prefix to all System.IntPtr references in the C# code …

Without this qualification it is possible for the generated code to have namespace clashes with nested System namespaces in the code being wrapped.
@tritao tritao Merge pull request #15 from bobsummerwill/master
Added global:: prefix to all System.IntPtr references in the C# code gen...
@tritao tritao Added virtual keyword to VisitDecayedType for consistency. 9a4b1d4
Commits on Jul 25, 2013
@tritao tritao Added qualified type constructor. 341aa85
@tritao tritao Fixed the FunctionToInstanceMethod pass. c13e843
@tritao tritao Use an explicit cast instead of "as" since there should always be a n…
@tritao tritao Added IgnoreClassField helper. ea96abb
@tritao tritao Added declarations of class properties to CLI. 1887f80
Commits on Aug 02, 2013
@tritao tritao Added v[f]table parsing support. dbd9fbc
@tritao tritao Added missing source location type. d9a52a0
@tritao tritao Fixed whitespace. c3ac5ca
@tritao tritao Fixed whitespace. 2f29330
@tritao tritao Fixed handling of template methods processing. 463730b
@tritao tritao Minor cleanup. 5b7bd8b
@tritao tritao Extract field generation into its own method. 5f4edce
@tritao tritao Skip implementation generation for proxy methods. cca70ac
@tritao tritao Use a constant displacement for block ids so they do not conflict wit…
…h CLI ones.
@esdrubal esdrubal Added OriginalNamespace to Declaration and now QualifiedOriginalName …
…uses it.
@esdrubal esdrubal Added Field to Property Declaration so now we can generate the proper…
…ty from a field instead of get or set methods.
@esdrubal esdrubal Added FieldToPropertyPass, all non ignored fields can now be transfor…
…med into properties before generation.
@esdrubal esdrubal CLIHeadersTemplate.cs now always tries to generate properties even wh…
…en it is a value class. This is done because now fields should be converted to properties with FieldToPropertyPass.
@esdrubal esdrubal Modified GetterSetterToPropertyPass more complex properties are suppo…
…rted. Now even if we only have a getter or a setter a property is created. Trying to convert multiple setter with same name and different types is an issue, so we check before creating a setter for a matching getter or the non existence of more setters.
@esdrubal esdrubal CLIHeaderTemplate an CLISourcesTemplate now take care of properties w…
…ith only a getter or s setter, and properties using fields that for now always have a getter and a setter.
@esdrubal esdrubal Added support to emit messages without DiagnosticId. c28723c
@esdrubal esdrubal Added Equality operator to AST Types. This was needed because GetterS…
…etterToPropertyPass has to match a getter return type with a setter parameter type.
@esdrubal esdrubal Removed unnecessary override keyword from interface method implementa…
@esdrubal esdrubal Fixed methods generated by FunctionToInstanceMethodPass and FunctionT…
…oStaticMethodPass, to use parent class Namespace and keep function Namespace as OriginalNamespace.
@esdrubal esdrubal Added CheckDuplicatedNamesPass that check all class members names for…
… duplicated names. When a non function member has an already used name a number is append to its name. When a method is found with a know signature a number is append to its name. The appended number for each method overload is independently incremented, others members appended number start at the most overloaded method count which is then incremented with each non function member sharing the same name.
@esdrubal esdrubal Added CheckIgnoreDecls to the to pre passes, so user added passes alr…
…eady have some declarations ignored.
@esdrubal esdrubal Better template function generation, less manual fixes are needed aft…
…er generation.
@esdrubal esdrubal Resolved ambiguous type Type. 777de80
@esdrubal esdrubal Removed class parameter from CheckIgnoreFunction, CheckIgnoreMethod a…
…nd CheckIgnoreField.
@esdrubal esdrubal Removed class parameter from CheckIgnoreFunction, CheckIgnoreMethod a…
…nd CheckIgnoreField from recent commits.
@esdrubal esdrubal Fix template function generation. Return type should be created in Ty…
@esdrubal esdrubal CLI generator needs first function parameter. ddfcf29
@esdrubal esdrubal Added missing new lines. b139089
@esdrubal esdrubal Changed comment 83ac0cd
@esdrubal esdrubal Fixed FunctionToInstanceMethodPass not skipping first method parameter. b0d9e8b
@esdrubal esdrubal CheckIgnoreField has only one parameter now 90efc99
@esdrubal esdrubal Check if clang SVN_REVISION is greater than 187409 before trying to u…
…se MicrosoftVFTableContext.
@tritao tritao Merge pull request #16 from esdrubal/properties
Better CheckDuplicatedNamesPass, GetterSetterToPropertyPass
@tritao tritao Revert "Fixed handling of template methods processing."
This is not the right way to fix the issue and was causing a lot of other parsing problems...

This reverts commit 463730b.
@tritao tritao Be more careful when handling type locations in WalkType and check fo…
…r validness before each use.
@tritao tritao Remove assert temporarily as it causes some relatively harmless asser…
…tions in debug mode in some special cases.
@tritao tritao Add dummy GetHashCode implementations. 8ee6746
@esdrubal esdrubal CheckFlagEnumsPass class is now public so it can be used in tests. cc29233
@esdrubal esdrubal PassBuilder is now generic. Driver Passes is now called TranslationUn…
…itPasses. Added to driver GeneratorOutputPasses. Removed most of the PassBuilder Extensions.
@esdrubal esdrubal Generated code for equals override now checks if the dynamic_cast doe…
…s not return null.
@esdrubal esdrubal CppTypePrinter now prints parameter declaration type. 3f0a188
@tritao tritao Merge pull request #17 from esdrubal/postProcessPasses
TranslationUnitPasses GeneratorOutputPasses
Commits on Aug 04, 2013
@tritao tritao Check if all overloads actually exist before gathering them for inter…
…nal function processing.
@tritao tritao Remove the OpenCV example. bc1e08a
@tritao tritao Added IsDynamic and IsPolymorphic data to classes. 752cfa4
@tritao tritao Added IsVirtual data to methods. d0f7f81
@tritao tritao Walk the vtable further down after all the child declarations of the …
…class have been processed so that we find the proper methods once we walk the vtable components.
@tritao tritao Keep the original pointer that originated the AST declaration node an…
…d check if we have already processed the method in WalkMethodCXX (if so, just return the already existing declaration).

We depend on this to get the right method instance when walking through the vtable methods.
@tritao tritao Do not ignore system declarations when walking enum types.
This restores the old behavior that I changed a couple commits ago which turns out we depend on.
@tritao tritao Fixed the documentation comments support in the generators to use the…
… new comment APIs.
@tritao tritao Add the 'virtual' keyword in the C# generated method signatures. f2999ba
@tritao tritao Remove the compile-time Clang revision checks for the new vftable API…
…s since they do not work.
Commits on Aug 08, 2013
@tritao tritao Respect the verbose option in the driver when calling the parser. 4f1a179
Commits on Aug 09, 2013
@tritao tritao Fixed Clang parser initialization to be a bit more robust with invali…
…d triples.
@tritao tritao Respect the ToolSetToUse options and assign a default to MSCVersion i…
…f none is requested since it is needed to make Clang define _MSC_VER.
@tritao tritao Added the C++ ABI to the class layouts. 46989d7
@tritao tritao Fixed parser to not try to get the class layout for invalid declarati…
@tritao tritao Do not try to handle preprocessed entities for invalid locations. 7bd56c9
@tritao tritao We need to call SourceManager::getFileLoc to get the fully expanded f…
…ile location when getting diagnostic file names.
@tritao tritao Ignore static assert declarations. 4152c30
@tritao tritao Remove the SDL tests from the main build. aa8cc62
@tritao tritao Added workaround for CLR limitation when searching for native libraries. c2f4122
@tritao tritao Added a new option to ignore parser warnings. 359920b
@tritao tritao When building the passes also call the generator so it can setup its …
…specific passes.
@tritao tritao Only run the FieldToPropertyPass after the user passes and the fields…
… state can change.
Commits on Aug 12, 2013
@ddobrev ddobrev Changed the target .NET to 4.0 because the code does not make use of …
…4.5 features and this way it can be compiled with VS 2010.

Signed-off-by: Dimitar Dobrev <>
@ddobrev ddobrev Replaced a range-based for to ensure VS C++ 2010 compliance.
Signed-off-by: Dimitar Dobrev <>
@ddobrev ddobrev Added generation of function pointers.
Signed-off-by: Dimitar Dobrev <>
@tritao tritao Merge pull request #24 from ddobrev/master
Generation of function pointers
@ddobrev ddobrev Added 3 hacks so that QtCore reaches the end of code generation:
1. If an expression of an enum item is null, count it as non-hex;
2. Do not throw a NotSupported exception when a fixed array of an non-primitive type is encountered;
3. Provide some seemingly correct implementation for CppTypePrinter.VisitTemplateParameterSubstitutionType.

Signed-off-by: Dimitar Dobrev <>
Commits on Aug 13, 2013
@ddobrev ddobrev Added an option for the used ABI to the C++ Parser class.
Signed-off-by: Dimitar Dobrev <>
@ddobrev ddobrev Checked the desugared type when visiting pointer types.
Signed-off-by: Dimitar Dobrev <>
@tritao tritao Merge pull request #27 from ddobrev/master
Fixed finding MinGW symbols; checked the desugared type when visiting pointer types.
@tritao tritao Merge pull request #25 from ddobrev/qtcore_hacks
Qtcore hacks
@tritao tritao Improved VS paths lookup checking.
This fixes a bug that happened when you had multiple versions of VS installed and your highest version did not provide the native development SDK.
@tritao tritao Renamed Hello tests to Basic. d9eb2f5
@tritao tritao Added virtual table tests. e0903d8
@tritao tritao Added virtual function overriding support to the C# backend. 6814684
@tritao tritao Fixed VS lookup to use the first valid VS version found. This makes s…
…ure we use the oldest VS version since Clang will not yet work fully with newer (2013+) MSVC headers.
@tritao tritao Added config variable to the the build. 608d4c1
@tritao tritao Run the CheckAbiParameters pass after CheckOperatorsOverloadsPass sin…
…ce the latter can change the signature of the methods which can affect the correctness of the first pass.
@tritao tritao Return the result of VisitDeclaration in TypeIgnoreChecker.VisitClass…
@tritao tritao When generating tests glue, wrap the declaration in a namespace with …
…the library name, this makes sure there are no conflicts between native and managed types.
@tritao tritao Better stubs (that actually compile) for std::wstring in C# backend. 5c982b5
@tritao tritao Added a stub for std::vector creation. e05ede4
@tritao tritao Implemented type printing support for PrimitiveType.IntPtr. e0e507b
@tritao tritao Rework the handling for functions that need hidden structure parameters.
The main changes are:
 - The original return type is now kept as the type of the generated parameter
 - The return type of the function is set to void to represent what is actually happening.

This also fixes a bunch of bugs related due to using the wrong return type in some places.
@tritao tritao Use a different generic type variable name that does not conflict wit…
…h the parent one.
@tritao tritao Cleaned up using declarations. 6bc1215
@tritao tritao Rework class fields generation in the C# backend to be simpler and be…
…have correctly under more situations.
@tritao tritao Reworked C# type printing and marshaling to keep the root full type i…
…n the respective contexts.

This allows us to access the root type in the type maps to do proper handling of pointers. It's a bit of an hacky approach and it will be improved once there is a better more general type matching framework.
@tritao tritao Fixed type printing of hidden structure parameters in C#. d9a23ba
@tritao tritao Minor code cleanups. d4b4ec6
@tritao tritao Fixed handling of field properties in C# backend. beead40
@tritao tritao Added an "argument prefix" generator to the C# context so typemaps ca…
…n add prefixes before arguments are generated.
@tritao tritao Extracted internal parameter gathering in its own method. 6130c89
@tritao tritao Removed useless code. d59e46b
@tritao tritao Throw NotImplementedException instead of silently returning false whe…
…n not able to handle type printing of primitive types in C# backend.
@tritao tritao Added helper properties to functions AST node to check the usage of t…
…he function.
@tritao tritao Added marshaling of parameter declarations in native to managed marsh…
…aling of C# backend.
@tritao tritao Desugar pointer types when checking for primitive types while marshal…
@tritao tritao Move the getting started section to the beginning. c2f2cf5
@tritao tritao Updated the readme. 8427252
@tritao tritao Remove unused files. 5801349
Commits on Aug 14, 2013
@tritao tritao Added missing vtable generation support code. 014e141
Commits on Aug 15, 2013
@tritao tritao Reworked type map finding to take typedefs in account by desugaring t…
…he type one layer at a time and searching for that typemap.
@tritao tritao Fixed handling of overriden methods. 78289ab
@tritao tritao Write new lines between method blocks. 26b6f6d
@tritao tritao Reworked property handling to check if each property getter/setter ca…
…n be generated.

Fixes a bug where we tried to generate a setter for a const field.
@tritao tritao Update
Added a link to main repository.