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2007-08-27 Aaron Bockover <>

    * A fresh, hip, autogen

    * src/ServiceLocator.cs:
    * src/Server.cs: Removed old Mono.Zeroconf and Avahi support, replaced
    with new Mono.Zeroconf support (which is a frontend to either
    mDNSResponder or Avahi support, abstracted from applications or other

    * src/Client.cs:
    * src/Database.cs: Fix some compiler warnings
    * Require Mono.Zeroconf instead of either Avahi or
    mDNSResponder; check for TagLib#; bump version to 0.4.0

    * sample/SampleServer.cs: Use TagLib instead of Entagged to build the
    sample server

    * sample/ Fixed up to link against TagLib

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sample 2007-08-27 Aaron Bockover <>
src 2007-08-27 Aaron Bockover <>
AUTHORS initial import
COPYING initial import
ChangeLog 2007-08-27 Aaron Bockover <> fix the paths for 'make winrelease'
README update README a bit 2007-08-27 Aaron Bockover <> 2007-08-27 Aaron Bockover <> 2006-05-07 James Willcox <>


daap-sharp is a DAAP (Digial Audio Access Protocol) implementation.
It is used by Apple's iTunes software to share music.

Sample tools that use the library are in the 'samples' directory,
and full monodoc API documentation is also included.
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