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binutils and libbfd issues:
The debugger needs a shared libbfd and libopcodes.
If you get any problems with `_sch_istable' being undefined, then your libbfd is unusable
for the debugger and you need to manually compile a shared one. Note that adding a check
for -liberty (that's where that symbol is defined) to is wrong and will not
work !
On GNU/Linux, the shared includes all the files from libiberty so you won't have
any problems there.
To get a working binutils on FreeBSD, you need to patch the bfd/configure a bit to do the
same. The problem is that even if you use --enable-shared, it doesn't create a shared, so we can't use this.
There is a FreeBSD port and precompiled binaries at
threading issues:
The debugger only works with kernel threads, not with user-space threads.
The difference is that with kernel threads, each thread is a different kernel process with
an unique pid while user-space threads have just one kernel process and do the scheduling
in user space.
While Linux only has kernel threads, FreeBSD uses user-space threads by default.
To get kernel threads on FreeBSD, you need to install the LinuxThreads package - there's a
port in the FreeBSD ports collection. After installing it, you need to recompile the mono
runtime with LinuxThreads.
Make sure not to use the `-pthread' ld argument anywhere; link against -llthread instead.
There seems to be a problem with boehm which makes it just crash for me, so I compiled my
runtime with --with-gc=none.
There are binaries and a FreeBSD port available at
* Mono 0.18.1 Test Release:
* FreeBSD Ports:
* Binaries:
January 19th, 2003
Martin Baulig <>
$Id: README.FreeBSD,v 1.4 2003/01/19 18:30:02 martin Exp $
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