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using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using Mono.Debugger.Backend;
namespace Mono.Debugger.Languages
public class TargetFundamentalObject : TargetObject
new public readonly TargetFundamentalType Type;
internal TargetFundamentalObject (TargetFundamentalType type, TargetLocation location)
: base (type, location)
this.Type = type;
internal override long GetDynamicSize (TargetMemoryAccess target, TargetBlob blob,
TargetLocation location,
out TargetLocation dynamic_location)
throw new InvalidOperationException ();
public object GetObject (Thread thread)
return thread.ThreadServant.DoTargetAccess (
delegate (TargetMemoryAccess target) {
return DoGetObject (target);
internal object GetObject (TargetMemoryAccess target)
return DoGetObject (target);
protected virtual object DoGetObject (TargetMemoryAccess target)
TargetBlob blob = Location.ReadMemory (target, Type.Size);
switch (Type.FundamentalKind) {
case FundamentalKind.Boolean:
return blob.Contents [0] != 0;
case FundamentalKind.Char:
return BitConverter.ToChar (blob.Contents, 0);
case FundamentalKind.SByte:
return (sbyte) blob.Contents [0];
case FundamentalKind.Byte:
return (byte) blob.Contents [0];
case FundamentalKind.Int16:
return BitConverter.ToInt16 (blob.Contents, 0);
case FundamentalKind.UInt16:
return BitConverter.ToUInt16 (blob.Contents, 0);
case FundamentalKind.Int32:
return BitConverter.ToInt32 (blob.Contents, 0);
case FundamentalKind.UInt32:
return BitConverter.ToUInt32 (blob.Contents, 0);
case FundamentalKind.Int64:
return BitConverter.ToInt64 (blob.Contents, 0);
case FundamentalKind.UInt64:
return BitConverter.ToUInt64 (blob.Contents, 0);
case FundamentalKind.Single:
return BitConverter.ToSingle (blob.Contents, 0);
case FundamentalKind.Double:
return BitConverter.ToDouble (blob.Contents, 0);
case FundamentalKind.IntPtr:
if (blob.Contents.Length == 4)
return new IntPtr (BitConverter.ToInt32 (blob.Contents, 0));
return new IntPtr (BitConverter.ToInt64 (blob.Contents, 0));
case FundamentalKind.UIntPtr:
if (blob.Size == 4)
return new UIntPtr (BitConverter.ToUInt32 (blob.Contents, 0));
return new UIntPtr (BitConverter.ToUInt64 (blob.Contents, 0));
case FundamentalKind.Decimal: {
IntPtr ptr = IntPtr.Zero;
try {
ptr = Marshal.AllocHGlobal (Marshal.SizeOf (typeof (decimal)));
Marshal.Copy (blob.Contents, 0, ptr, type.Size);
decimal d = (decimal) Marshal.PtrToStructure (ptr, typeof (decimal));
return d;
} finally {
if (ptr != IntPtr.Zero)
Marshal.FreeHGlobal (ptr);
throw new InvalidOperationException ();
public void SetObject (Thread thread, TargetObject obj)
thread.ThreadServant.DoTargetAccess (
delegate (TargetMemoryAccess target) {
Type.SetObject (target, Location, obj);
return null;
internal override string Print (TargetMemoryAccess target)
object obj = DoGetObject (target);
if (obj is IntPtr)
return String.Format ("0x{0:x}", ((IntPtr) obj).ToInt64 ());
else if (obj is UIntPtr)
return String.Format ("0x{0:x}", ((UIntPtr) obj).ToUInt64 ());
return obj.ToString ();
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