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Merge pull request #1 from atomia/master

This commit fixed the debugger's symbol loading procedure
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commit 70351799f8e53ee4a404b39ff6b3790a17c02c62 2 parents 5f4e191 + 95237af
@marek-safar marek-safar authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 symbolwriter/MonoSymbolFile.cs
4 symbolwriter/MonoSymbolFile.cs
@@ -457,12 +457,12 @@ protected MonoSymbolFile (string filename, Mono.Cecil.ModuleDefinition module)
public static MonoSymbolFile ReadSymbolFile (Mono.Cecil.ModuleDefinition module)
- return ReadSymbolFile (module, module.FullyQualifiedName);
+ return ReadSymbolFile (module, module.FullyQualifiedName + ".mdb");
public static MonoSymbolFile ReadSymbolFile (Mono.Cecil.ModuleDefinition module, string filename)
- string name = filename + ".mdb";
+ string name = filename;
return new MonoSymbolFile (name, module);
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