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Commits on Nov 3, 2010
  1. bump version

    Andrew Jorgensen authored
  2. @jaalto

    Fix CVE-2010-3369 insecure library loading

    jaalto authored Andrew Jorgensen committed
Commits on Sep 1, 2010
  1. fix OBS complaints

    Andrew Jorgensen authored
    declare void functions to be void and add final returns to functions that will never reach them
Commits on Aug 28, 2010
  1. Bump version to 2.8

    Andrew Jorgensen authored
Commits on Jul 31, 2010
  1. Moved backend/server -> sysdeps/server.

    Martin Baulig authored
    The C# code is now nicely separated from the unmanaged C code.
  2. Merge 'Process' and 'ProcessServant'.

    Martin Baulig authored
  3. Make 'Debugger', 'Process' and 'Thread' sealed.

    Martin Baulig authored
  4. Merge 'DebuggerServant' and 'Debugger'.

    Martin Baulig authored
  5. Kill 'USE_DOMAIN'.

    Martin Baulig authored
  6. Kill mono_debugger_server_static_init().

    Martin Baulig authored
  7. Reflect latest runtime changes for mono-trunk.

    Martin Baulig authored
    Starting with runtime version 81.6 (latest mono trunk),
    there is no mono_get_thread_abort_signal() method anymore
    and its stored in a variable pointed to by a field in the
  8. Kill 'Mono.GetOptions' usage.

    Martin Baulig authored
  9. This change was reverted before the migration.

    Martin Baulig authored
  10. Welcome to GitHub :-)

    Martin Baulig authored
Commits on Jul 15, 2010
  1. Hackweek 2010 :-)

    Martin Baulig authored
    2010-07-15  Martin Baulig  <>
    	Hackweek 2010 :-)
    	* backend/ProcessServant.cs: When attaching, compute initial
    	stackframe for all threads.
    	* backend/os/DwarfReader.cs: Many improvements to support C++.
    	* languages/native/NativeStructType.cs: Support C++ classes.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=160445
  2. Use managed Monitor class instead of gmutex; make things work with 2.…

    Martin Baulig authored
    …6 and trunk.
    2010-07-15  Martin Baulig  <>
    	* Support both 2.6 and trunk.
    	* backend/EventQueue.cs: Use the managed Monitor class instead of
    	glib's threading functions.
    	* backend/server/mutex.[ch]: Removed.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=160444
Commits on May 20, 2010
  1. fix version #

    Andrew Jorgensen authored
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=157652
Commits on Mar 4, 2010
  1. @migueldeicaza

    Patch from Priit Laes to respect the user set CFLAGS

    migueldeicaza authored
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=152978
  2. @migueldeicaza

    Fix incorrect flag

    migueldeicaza authored
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=152977
  3. @migueldeicaza

    2010-03-03 Miguel de Icaza <>

    migueldeicaza authored
    	* Apply patch from Priit Laes <> to build with make -j
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=152976
Commits on Feb 26, 2010
  1. Use Thread.Abort() to abort the invocation if we have runtime support…

    Martin Baulig authored
    … for it.
    2010-02-23  Martin Baulig  <>
    	* backend/SingleSteppingEngine.cs
    	(SSE.DoAbortInvocation): Use Thread.Abort() to abort the
    	invocation if we have runtime support for it.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=152555
Commits on Feb 24, 2010
  1. Improve leaving nested break states.

    Martin Baulig authored
    2010-02-24  Martin Baulig  <>
    	* frontend/Main.cs: Don't deadlock when leaving a nested
    	break state.
    	* backend/SingleSteppingEngine.cs
    	(SSE.ProcessEvent): On `ChildEventType.RUNTIME_INVOKE_DONE':
    	terminate the current operation if it's different from the rti.
    	* classes/Operation.cs
    	(OperationCommandResult.Completed): Send the result before
    	signalling the wait handle.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=152398
  2. Make this work when the stack is executable.

    Martin Baulig authored
    2010-02-24  Martin Baulig  <>
    	* backend/server/x86_64-arch.c
    	(server_ptrace_call_method_invoke): Set correct return address to
    	make this work even if the stack is executable.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=152397
  3. Disallow aborting if there are any non-managed frames on the stack.

    Martin Baulig authored
    2010-02-23  Martin Baulig  <>
    	* backend/SingleSteppingEngine.cs
    	(SSE.DoAbortInvocation): Disallow aborting if there are any
    	non-managed frames on the stack.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=152396
  4. Cosmetic changes.

    Martin Baulig authored
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=152395
  5. Replace `MonoNullObject' with `TargetNullObject'.

    Martin Baulig authored
    2010-02-23  Martin Baulig  <>
    	* languages/TargetNullObject.cs: New file.
    	(TargetNullObject): New public class.
    	* languages/mono/MonoNullObject.cs: Removed.
    	(MonoNullObject): Removed; use `TargetNullObject' instead.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=152394
Commits on Feb 23, 2010
  1. Don't crash, if .debug_aranges, .debug_pubnames, .debug_pubtypes or .…

    Martin Baulig authored
    …debug_str is missing.
    2010-02-23  Martin Baulig  <>
    	* backend/os/DwarfReader.cs
    	(DwarfReader): Don't crash, if the .debug_aranges,
    	.debug_pubnames, .debug_pubtypes or .debug_str section is
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=152271
Commits on Jan 8, 2010
  1. Fix #559045.

    Martin Baulig authored
    2010-01-08  Martin Baulig  <>
    	Fix #559045.
    	* languages/mono/MonoArrayType.cs
    	(MonoArrayType.GetElementSize): Add support for enums.
    	* languages/mono/MonoArrayObject.cs
    	(MonoArrayObject.GetDynamicSize): Use
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=149232
  2. Fix #510995.

    Martin Baulig authored
    2010-01-08  Martin Baulig  <>
    	Fix #510995.
    	* frontend/Expression.cs
    	(CastExpression.DoCast): Allow `object' -> 'object'.
    	(Convert.ImplicitConversion): Allow `string' -> `object'.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=149231
  3. Small fix.

    Martin Baulig authored
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=149230
Commits on Dec 4, 2009
  1. New 'FunctionBreakpointHandle' API.

    Martin Baulig authored
    2009-12-04  Martin Baulig  <>
    	* backend/BreakpointHandle.cs
    	(FunctionBreakpointHandle): Make this class abstract.
    	* languages/TargetFunctionType.cs
    	(TargetFunctionType): Replace InsertBreakpoint() and
    	RemoveBreakpoint() with a new GetBreakpointHandle() API which
    	returns a `FunctionBreakpointHandle'.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=147681
  2. Add 'DebuggerConfiguration.UserNotifications'.

    Martin Baulig authored
    2009-11-29  Martin Baulig  <>
    	* classes/DebuggerConfiguration.cs
    	(DebuggerConfiguration.LoadConfigurationFromStream): Use
    	Report.Error() to report errors instead of throwing an exception.
    	(DebuggerConfiguration.UserNotifications): New public property.
    	(DebuggerConfiguration.NotifyUser_ThreadCreation): Mark as obsolete.
    	(DebuggerConfiguration.UserNotificationType): New public enum.
    	* frontend/Command.cs
    	(ConfigCommand): Add `user-notifications' option to modify the new
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=147679
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