Commits on Dec 9, 2003
  1. This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag

    svn path=/tags/MONO_DEBUGGER_0_5/debugger/; revision=20943
    nobody committed Dec 9, 2003
  2. 2003-12-09 Martin Baulig <>

    	Released version 0.5 "Clemson" of the Mono Debugger :-)
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=20942
    Martin Baulig committed Dec 9, 2003
Commits on Nov 19, 2003
  1. Fix build

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=20210
    migueldeicaza committed Nov 19, 2003
Commits on Nov 6, 2003
  1. 2003-11-06 Martin Baulig <>

    	* Completely disable the GUI for the moment.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=19681
    Martin Baulig committed Nov 6, 2003
Commits on Sep 15, 2003
  1. A new GUI for the debugger. Not much there yet.

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=18098
    Martin Baulig committed Sep 15, 2003
  2. #define HAS_I18N to make this work again.

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=18097
    Martin Baulig committed Sep 15, 2003
Commits on Sep 13, 2003
  1. 2003-09-13 Martin Baulig <>

    	* arch/ArchitectureI386.cs (ArchitectureI386.UnwindStack): Use
    	`(long) (uint)' instead of just `(long)' to make this work for
    	registers having "negative" values (0xbfffffec for instance).
    	* frontends/scripting/ScriptingContext.cs
    	(FrameHandle.PrintVariable): Format this nicely.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=18066
    Martin Baulig committed Sep 13, 2003
Commits on Sep 8, 2003
  1. 2003-09-08 Martin Baulig <>

    	* frontends/scripting/: When invoking a method with the `call'
    	command, debug the invoked method.  See the NEWS file for details.
    	* backends/IInferior.cs (IInferior.CallInvokeMethod): Removed.
    	(IInferior.RuntimeInvoke): New method; there are two overloaded
    	versions: one is similar to the old CallInvokeMethod() and the
    	other one allows us to debug the invoked method.
    	* backends/ILanguageBackends.cs
    	(ILanguageBackend.RuntimeInvokeFunc): New property.
    	(ILanguageBackend.CompileMethod): New method.
    	* backends/SingleSteppingEngine.cs
    	(SingleSteppingEngine.CallInvokeMethod): Renamed to RuntimeInvoke().
    	(SingleSteppingEngine.RuntimeInvoke): Added overloaded version
    	which allows us to debug the invoked function.
    	* interfaces/ITargetFunctionObject.cs
    	(ITargetFunctionObject.Invoke): Added `bool debug' argument; if
    	true, debug the invoked method.
    	* interfaces/ITargetFunctionType.cs
    	(ITargetFunctionType.Invoke): Added `bool debug' argument; if
    	true, debug the invoked method.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17999
    Martin Baulig committed Sep 8, 2003
Commits on Sep 7, 2003
  1. Fixed a race condition to allow lookups of types which aren't created…

    … yet.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17955
    Martin Baulig committed Sep 7, 2003
Commits on Sep 6, 2003
  1. 2003-09-07 Martin Baulig <>

    	* interfaces/ITargetStructType.cs
    	(ITargetStructType.Constructors): New property.
    	(ITargetStructType.GetConstructor): New method.
    	* frontends/scripting/Parser.jay (variable_expression): Added `new
    	type (args)' syntax to invoke a constructor.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17954
    Martin Baulig committed Sep 6, 2003
  2. Small fix.

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17949
    Martin Baulig committed Sep 6, 2003
  3. Require gthread.

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17948
    Martin Baulig committed Sep 6, 2003
Commits on Aug 27, 2003
  1. Don't use the work `linux' on a FreeBSD header file :-)

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17673
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 27, 2003
Commits on Aug 26, 2003
  1. MCS is now more strict about interface implementations :-)

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17648
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 26, 2003
Commits on Aug 14, 2003
  1. Make this at least compile; no idea whether it'll actually work.

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17337
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 14, 2003
Commits on Aug 12, 2003
  1. Report a nice error message if we can't access the target memory.

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17300
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 12, 2003
  2. 2003-08-12 Martin Baulig <>

    	* classes/StackFrame.cs (StackFrame.GetRegister): Removed.
    	(StackFrame.GetRegisterLocation): New public method.
    	* backends/native/NativeLanguage.cs: The .ctor now takes an
    	ITargetInfo because NativePointerType needs the target address
    	* backends/native/NativePointerType.cs: Always set the correct
    	* frontends/scripting/VariableExpression.cs
    	(RegisterExpression.ResolveLocation): New public method.  This is
    	used when resolving an `x %eax'.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17299
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 12, 2003
Commits on Aug 11, 2003
  1. 2003-08-11 Martin Baulig <>

    	* frontends/scripting/Parser.jay: Use a colon instead of a dot to
    	separate a type name and its static member.  This deambiguates the
    	grammar and also allows things like
    	'print System.DateTime:MinValue.Ticks'.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17243
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 11, 2003
  2. Ooops, it's the other way around.

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17241
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 11, 2003
  3. 2003-08-11 Martin Baulig <>

    	* frontends/scripting/ScriptingContext.cs
    	(ScriptingContext.Print): Don't call String.Format() on already
    	formatted strings; this'll cause problems if the string contains
    	any '{' or '}'s.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17240
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 11, 2003
  4. 2003-08-11 Martin Baulig <>

    	* backends/IInferior.cs (IInferior.CallMethod): This method now
    	takes two `long' arguments.
    	* backends/mono-csharp/MonoCSharpLanguageBackend.cs
    	(MonoSymbolTable.LookupType): Call `mono_debugger_lookup_type ()'
    	in the JIT to do the actual lookup.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17239
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 11, 2003
Commits on Aug 7, 2003
  1. 2003-08-07 Martin Baulig <>

    	* interfaces/ILanguage.cs (ILanguage.LookupType): New method.
    	* interfaces/ITargetStructType.cs
    	(ITargetMemberInfo): New public interface.
    	(ITargetFieldInfo, ITargetPropertyInfo, ITargetMethodInfo): Derive
    	from ITargetMemberInfo.
    	* frontends/scripting/Parser.jay: Added `Type.StaticField',
    	`Type.StaticProperty' and `Type.StaticFunc (args)' syntax to
    	access static members of a type without an instance.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17147
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 7, 2003
Commits on Aug 6, 2003
  1. Moved the static stuff from ITargetStructType to ITargetStructObject.

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17098
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 6, 2003
  2. 2003-08-06 Martin Baulig <>

    	* backends/mono-cshap/MonoClass.cs: Added support for static
    	fields, properties and methods.
    	* interfaces/ITargetMemoryAccess.cs (ITargetAccess.CallMethod):
    	Added new overloaded version of this method.
    	* interfaces/ITargetStructType.cs (ITargetStructType): Added
    	StaticFields, StaticProperties and StaticMethods arguments.
    	* interfaces/ITargetStructObject.cs (ITargetStructObject): Added
    	GetStaticField(), GetStaticProperty() and GetStaticMethod()
    	methods.  [FIXME: This needs to be moved to ITargetStructType].
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17089
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 6, 2003
  3. 2003-08-06 Martin Baulig <>

    	* backends/mono-csharp/MonoStringType.cs: We don't get the vtable
    	from the JIT anymore; instead we call mono_string_new_wrapper()
    	via a special wrapper method to make this work for multiple
    	application domains.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17086
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 6, 2003
Commits on Aug 4, 2003
  1. 2003-08-04 Martin Baulig <>

    	* backends/mono-csharp/*.cs: Completely reworked the type support.
    	We're now just creating one single `MonoType' instance per type;
    	arrays, strings and enums now also derive from MonoClass which
    	allows us to access the System.Array, System.String and
    	System.Enum members.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=17050
    Martin Baulig committed Aug 4, 2003
Commits on Jul 28, 2003
  1. 2003-07-28 Martin Baulig <>

    	* frontends/scripting/Tokenizer.cs: Allow identifiers to be quoted
    	in apostrophs (').
    	* frontends/scripting/VariableExpression.cs
    	(StructAccessExpression): Do a simple overload resolution for methods.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=16780
    Martin Baulig committed Jul 28, 2003
Commits on Jul 22, 2003
  1. Increment version numer.

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=16543
    Martin Baulig committed Jul 22, 2003
  2. 2003-07-22 Martin Baulig <>

    	* backends/mono-csharp/MonoClass.cs: New class.  This is now used
    	for class and value types and also for fundamental types; it
    	allows us to call things like `Substring(int)' on a string.
    	* backends/mono-csharp/MonoStructType.cs: Moved most of this class
    	into MonoClass.
    	* backends/mono-csharp/MonoFundamentalType.cs: Derive from
    	MonoStructType since a fundamental type is also a valuetype.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=16541
    Martin Baulig committed Jul 22, 2003
Commits on Jul 21, 2003
  1. All managed classes always derive from System.Object; allow calling m…

    …ethods in a base class.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=16500
    Martin Baulig committed Jul 21, 2003
Commits on Jul 20, 2003
  1. 2003-07-20 Martin Baulig <>

    	Largely improved the type support.  We can now invoke methods with
    	arguments and also modify variables.
    	* classes/TargetBinaryWriter.cs: New class.
    	* interfaces/ITargetFunctionObject.cs (Invoke): The method now
    	takes a `object[] args' argument.
    	* backends/mono-csharp/*.cs: Improved this a lot; the JIT is now
    	providing us with better type information and explicitly tells us
    	about builtin types; added support to call methods with arguments;
    	it's now possible to modify variables.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=16451
    Martin Baulig committed Jul 20, 2003
  2. Fixed a nasty memory corruption bug.

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=16450
    Martin Baulig committed Jul 20, 2003
Commits on Jul 13, 2003
  1. These files are no longer auto-generated.

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=16166
    Martin Baulig committed Jul 13, 2003
Commits on Jul 12, 2003
  1. Fixed a few more bugs.

    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=16146
    Martin Baulig committed Jul 12, 2003
  2. 2003-07-12 Martin Baulig <>

    	* backends/mono-csharp/MonoStructType.cs: We can now call a
    	property's getter function.
    svn path=/trunk/debugger/; revision=16145
    Martin Baulig committed Jul 12, 2003