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On August 4th, 2008, the API to insert or remove breakpoints from a
GUI has been improved significantly.

These are the most important changes:

* Debugger.Detach() doesn't require the target to be stopped anymore

* DebuggerSession.AddEvent(Event) and DebuggerSession.RemoveEvent(Event)
  may be called anytime; these functions only add / remove the event
  from the session and mark it as pending, but do not activate or
  deactivate it.

  Pending means the breakpoint may be automatically activated or
  deactivated at any time, but there is no guarantee when this will
  happen or whether this will happen at all.

* There are two ways to activate or deactivate a breakpoint:

  -> You to call Event.Activate(Thread) / Event.Deactivate(Thread)
     when the target is stopped, this will immediately activate /
     deactivate the breakpoints.

  -> You call Process.ActivatePendingBreakpoints() anytime, this'll
     activate / deactivate all pending breakpoints.

* There are three new functions in the DebuggerSession:
  ActivateEventAsync(Event), DeactivateEventAsync(Event) and

  These functions schedule an async activation / deactivation; you
  need to call Process.ActivatePendingBreakpoints() when done.

Some comments:

-> Functions which don't take a `Thread' argument do not immediately
   activate / deactivate a breakpoint.

-> Functions which take a `Thread' argument require the target to be
   stopped and immediately activate / deactivate the breakpoint.

-> After scheduling an async activation, the breakpoint may be enabled /
   disabled at any time, but there is no guarantee when this will
   happen and whether it will happen at all.

   Call Process.ActivatePendingBreakpoints() to activate / deactivate
   all pending breakpoints; this will activate / deactivate all
   pending breakpoints.

-> If you insert a source breakpoint (ie. a breakpoint which is
   identified by filename and line number) in a module that's not
   currently loaded, you need to use async activation (ie. only use
   DebuggerSession.AddEvent(Event), but not Event.Activate(Thread));
   the breakpoint will automatically be activated when the module is

-> When inserting an expression breakpoint, you should use synchronous
   activation unless the expression may be evaluated in global scope
   (ie. you call DebuggerSession.AddEvent(Event) when the target is
   stopped, followed by Event.Activate(Thread)).

Last changed August 12th, 2009
Martin Baulig <>

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