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2010-01-26 Mike Kestner <>
* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfilerOptionsEditor.cs: set default mode in
2010-01-21 Mike Kestner <>
* Emveepee.Widgets/ add new source file.
* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfileConfiguration.cs: s/Assembly/Target to
better reflect profiling aspx pages.
* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfileOptionsEditor.cs: refactored from dialog
to support reuse with addin. Switch default to instrumented until I
can get reasonable data for stat mode.
* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfileView.cs: support filtering in StackView.
* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfilerProcess.cs: add support for launching pages, a Kill method, and handle Win32Exception to display
error code when launch fails.
* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfileSetupDialog.cs: add support for selecting
aspx pages and use the new ProfileOptionsEditor.
* Emveepee.Widgets/StackView.cs: add filtering hooks and improve the
refresh logic.
* Emveepee.Addin/ProfileExecutionHandler.cs: use new TargetPath API.
* emveepee/MainWindow.cs: show url in browser when profiling an aspx
page. Kill any running profiler process on Shutdown.
2010-01-21 Mike Kestner <>
* Emveepee.Decoding/MappingBlock.cs: switch some info types from
value to reference and improve encapsulation.
2009-11-16 Mike Kestner <>
* back off requirement to 2.6.
* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfileConfiguration.cs: revert ccs option for
now since it doesn't help and requires mono trunk.
2009-11-03 Mike Kestner <>
* Initial checkin of emveepee module. This module is constructed
of 4 codebases.
* Emveepee.Decoding/*: refactoring of the decoding library from
* Emveepee.Widgets/*:
* emveepee/*: previously located in mono-tools. ProfileViews have
been consolidated to reduce duplication and ported to the new
decoding data structures. Filtering of both stat and instrumented
call chains are now supported in a single StackView.
* Emveepee.Addin/*: MD addin which is conditionally built if
monodevelop is installed. Initially included are an ExecutionMode
extension with parameterized execution handler and a node builder
extension with command handler to support profiling from the
project pad context menu. A DisplayBinding extension for .mprof
files is also provided to display profile log files in the document
2009-10-08 Mike Kestner <>
* ProfileConfiguration.cs: fix screwup in args construction that was
causing multi-mode profile setups.
2009-09-03 Mike Kestner <>
* StartPage.cs: add Quick Sessions section to repeat configs from
the history.
2009-09-03 Mike Kestner <>
* History.cs: add recent config support.
* ProfileConfiguration.cs: new encapsulation for profile params.
* ProfilerProcess.cs: construct from ProfileConfiguation.
* ProfileSetupDialog.cs: expose Config prop. Manage the Execute
response button sensitivity proactively.
2009-08-28 Mike Kestner <>
* StartPage.cs: a little banner gradient tweaking.
2009-08-28 Mike Kestner <>
* History.cs: basic history tracking xml serialized class.
* StartPage.cs: display recent logs using new history.
2009-08-27 Mike Kestner <>
* StartPage.cs: beginnings of a startup page similar to MD.
2009-08-19 Mike Kestner <>
* ProfilerProcess.cs: new class to manage creation of and comm
with the profiler. Initial suspend/resume capability.
* ProfileSetupDialog.cs: add StartEnabled feature to control logging
status on startup.
* ProfileView.cs: use new reader iteration paradigm.
2009-08-04 Mike Kestner <>
* ProfileView.cs: add SupportsFiltering prop to support action
sensitivity in menu.
2009-07-30 Mike Kestner <>
* Node.cs: add a DescendingValue comparison.
2009-07-15 Mike Kestner <>
* AllocationsView.cs: make it a ScrolledWindow subclass.
* CallsView.cs: make it a ScrolledWindow subclass.
* DisplayOptions.cs: file rename
* ProfileSetupDialog.cs: add support for stat profiling. default to
stat profiling.
* ProfileView.cs: not scrollable, the child views manage their own
scrolling now. Load profiles by data content instead of explicitly.
Close the reader when done loading to avoid access sharing problems.
* StatDetail.cs: notebook to display calls and callers info for
statistical hit items.
* StatList.cs: ordered list widget for statistical hit items.
* StatStore.cs: list store for statistical profile data.
* StatView.cs: paned view to hold stat list and detail views and
managed selection changes.
2009-06-19 Mike Kestner <>
* CallsStore.cs: add child node compression for filtered libraries.
Retrieves a list of filtered libraries from the DisplayOptions and
"flattens" library calls within the set to hide internal implementation
nodes. Prunes the tree to better visualize user code.
* DisplayOptions.cs: initial pass at a filtering options class. Adds
ShowSystemNodes option and first pass at a Filters array for filtered
libraries which will be user configurable eventually.
* ProfileView.cs: replace Type prop and set_LogFile with a LoadProfile
method to make the operation atomic.
* *.cs : hooks to enable DisplayOptions.
2009-06-17 Mike Kestner <>
* ProfileSetupDialog.cs: add dialog to begin to add configurability
to the profiler invocation. Supports alloc and calls switches as
well as selecting assembly to execute.
* ProfileView.cs: add ProfileType prop to support explicit view setup.
Conditionally construct child view type when LogFile is set.
2009-06-17 Mike Kestner <>
* CallsView.cs: Reorder columns to put cost first.
2009-06-17 Mike Kestner <>
* AllocationsStore.cs: Allocations subclass of the new ProfileStore.
* AllocationsView.cs: new Allocations tree view.
* CallsStore.cs: refactor as ProfileStore subclass with CallsNode
* Node.cs: super class for Calls and Allocations tree nodes.
* ProfileStore.cs: super class for Calls and Allocations stores.
2009-06-12 Massimiliano Mantione <>
* CallsStore.cs: Get the root frames from the event handler now.
2009-06-11 Mike Kestner <>
* CallsStore.cs: add license.
* CallsView.cs: new internal treeview subclass for calls data.
* ProfileView.cs: new scrolled window class to load profile logs and
manage different profile view types.
2009-06-09 Mike Kestner <>
* CallsStore.cs: use StackTrace objects to navigate the call tree
and obtain context appropriate clicks info. Fix a bug in the GetIter
path traversal logic for trees deeper than 2 levels.
2009-05-21 Mike Kestner <>
* *: initial checkin. beginnings of a widget library for profiler
output display and navigation.