Commits on Jan 26, 2010
  1. 2010-01-26 Mike Kestner <>

    	* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfilerOptionsEditor.cs: set default mode in 
    svn path=/trunk/emveepee/; revision=150216
    mkestner committed Jan 26, 2010
Commits on Jan 21, 2010
  1. 2010-01-21 Mike Kestner <>

    	* Emveepee.Widgets/ add new source file.
    	* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfileConfiguration.cs: s/Assembly/Target to 
    	better reflect profiling aspx pages.
    	* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfileOptionsEditor.cs: refactored from dialog
    	to support reuse with addin. Switch default to instrumented until I
    	can get reasonable data for stat mode.
    	* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfileView.cs: support filtering in StackView.
    	* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfilerProcess.cs: add support for launching pages, a Kill method, and handle Win32Exception to display
    	error code when launch fails.
    	* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfileSetupDialog.cs: add support for selecting
    	aspx pages and use the new ProfileOptionsEditor. 
    	* Emveepee.Widgets/StackView.cs: add filtering hooks and improve the
    	refresh logic.
    	* Emveepee.Addin/ProfileExecutionHandler.cs: use new TargetPath API.
    	* emveepee/MainWindow.cs: show url in browser when profiling an aspx
    	page.  Kill any running profiler process on Shutdown.
    svn path=/trunk/emveepee/; revision=149998
    mkestner committed Jan 21, 2010
  2. 2010-01-21 Mike Kestner <>

    	* Emveepee.Decoding/MappingBlock.cs: switch some info types from
    	value to reference and improve encapsulation.
    svn path=/trunk/emveepee/; revision=149996
    mkestner committed Jan 21, 2010
Commits on Nov 16, 2009
  1. 2009-11-16 Mike Kestner <>

    	* back off requirement to 2.6.
    	* Emveepee.Widgets/ProfileConfiguration.cs: revert ccs option for
    	  now since it doesn't help and requires mono trunk.
    svn path=/trunk/emveepee/; revision=146281
    mkestner committed Nov 16, 2009
Commits on Nov 3, 2009
  1. 2009-11-03 Mike Kestner <>

    	* Initial checkin of emveepee module.  This module is constructed 
    	  of 4 codebases.
    	* Emveepee.Decoding/*: refactoring of the decoding library from 
    	* Emveepee.Widgets/*:
    	* emveepee/*: previously located in mono-tools.  ProfileViews have
    	  been consolidated to reduce duplication and ported to the new
    	  decoding data structures.  Filtering of both stat and instrumented
    	  call chains are now supported in a single StackView. 
    	* Emveepee.Addin/*: MD addin which is conditionally built if 
    	  monodevelop is installed. Initially included are an ExecutionMode
    	  extension with parameterized execution handler and a node builder
    	  extension with command handler to support profiling from the
    	  project pad context menu.  A DisplayBinding extension for .mprof
    	  files is also provided to display profile log files in the document
    svn path=/trunk/emveepee/; revision=145289
    mkestner committed Nov 3, 2009