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Entity Framework Sample Provider

 - DdexProvider - Sample Data Designer Extensibility (DDEX)
 - EdmGenTests - Reverse-engineer the database using the Entity Framework Sample Provider
 - FunctionStubGenerator - Used to generate SampleEntityFrameworkProvider\SampleProviderFunctions.cs file
 - NorthwindEFModel - Entity Framework model shared by projects. Based on Northwind database. 
 - ProviderTests - tests for the Sample Entity Framework Provider
 - SampleEntityFrameworkProvider - Entity Framework Sample Provider
 Setting up the environment:
 - Tests require the NorthindEF5 database. To create the database use the CreateNorthwindEFDB.sql script 
   from the NorthwindEFModel\Database folder (e.g. sqlcmd -S .\sqlexpress -E -i CreateNorthwindEFDB.sql)
 - Tests are using xUnit testing framework. To be able to run tests inside the Visual Studio 11 you need 
   to install a test runner. You can get one here: 
 - By default all connection strings point to .\SqlExpress instance. If you are using a different 
   SQL Server instance you need to update the connection strings in app.config files to reflect
   the SQL Server instance and security parameters you are using.