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2009-07-18 The F-Spot Team <>
* After the migration to Git, the F-Spot team decided to stop using
ChangeLog files. For updates on what changed during the past release
cycle, please check the NEWS file.
* If you need more detailed information, please check the Git version
control history.
* The old changelog files are still available (but have not been changed
since april 2009). They can be retrieved using the following commands:
git show c414d761ba9384432ef23a30ce3f0ab3add99940
git show 80a95fdd778dc9b163869721b242b4d83aad29e8
git show fa751046742b5180a8616650974d3c0882691563
git show 88ca8e4afa9a39811173f3d2b42c14cd9352e04c
git show 10a670debbcfdedb847bfda21b392f7d249d179c
git show 9646e8d9d450189a92f04848e070f4bbe49efbe3
git show c7063f394fc8d89d107714509207a6b20ab60b2f
git show c7063f394fc8d89d107714509207a6b20ab60b2f
git show b8deb0711e60561df07b0b02167c11ac178749ab
git show d621a60c2b4238369d673479dae043d45dc55c54
git show 57169a269462ebb096c869c0dc08d425c7d783fd
git show b4071fb478486005950073e0c3b3a3f5bf5bab5e
git show 294ca779e78d89c3f86beed9bb1d063e8c5b5979
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