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Desktop Photo Management software built on top of the Gnome platform, F-Spot
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F-Spot Photo Manager


	- GNOME development libraries 2.4 or later,

	- Mono 2.2 or later,

	- gtk-sharp 2.12.2 or later,

	- Sqlite 2.8.6 or later

	- liblcms 1.12 or later,

	- hicolor-icon-theme 0.10 or later,

	- taglib-sharp or later,

	- dbus-sharp 0.7 or later,

	- dbus-sharp-glib 0.5 or later,

To compile, just go through the normal autogen/configure stuff and
then make install.

To launch F-Spot, run $(prefix)/bin/f-spot.

With MonoDevelop:
  If you want to use MonoDevelop to build and run F-Spot here are notes about that process.

	There are a few steps you have to run before you can open MonoDevelop:
		1.  sh (on ubuntu you have to do ./
		2.  cd build; make
		3.  cd lib/libfspot; make
		4.  sudo make install (this will install the files)

	The hyena patch is just a temporary fix for now. This will no longer be needed
	when we switch to hyena master which is based on gtk-sharp3.

	This will build a couple tools in ./build that are needed to build the projects
	in ./lib.  Unfortunately, the f-spot.exe.config file points to whatever prefix
	you gave during 'sh'.  You could copy the files from 
	./lib/libfspot/.libs to ./bin and edit f-spot.exe.config, but it'll get
	overwritten with each build.

	Once these two directories are built you can now open monodevelop and build
	and run f-spot from there.

Join the chat at
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