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[build] Fix issue with versioning/symlinks

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1 parent 505cb2a commit 177d3ea949e5d017f14526e0356188ad40111b8e @gburt gburt committed
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@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@ sed -e "s/@GIO_SHARP_VERSION@/$GIO_SHARP_VERSION/" \
-e "s/@CSC_FLAGS@/$CSC_FLAGS/" \ >
-ln -f sources/sources-$GIO_SHARP_VERSION.xml sources/sources.xml
-ln -f gio/gio-api-$GIO_SHARP_VERSION.raw gio/gio-api.raw
+ln -f sources/sources-$GLIB_REQUIRED.xml sources/sources.xml
+ln -f gio/gio-api-$GLIB_REQUIRED.raw gio/gio-api.raw
autoreconf -v --force --install

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