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Bindings to Glib's libgio
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The Gtk# website can be found at:

Gio# is an unstable .NET language binding for libgio distributed as part
of the glib package.  Gio# is free software, licensed under the GNU LGPL.  
The target is the 2.16 initial release of gio.

It is anticipated that these bindings will be integrated into the gtk-sharp
package during the 2.14 release cycle, and this independent package will
cease to exist.  This product is just provided for the impatient soles who
feel they must chase the bleeding edge and help us find bugs before we
integrate the library.

Building & Installing Gio#:

    The build is the traditional:

        make install

    If you are compiling from SVN, you will need libtool and the auto* tools
    and will need to replace the configure above with

Discussion & Support:

    A mailing list for Gtk# discussion is available.

    You can subscribe to the mailing list by visiting:

    And following the instructions (on that page) to subscribe.
    Messages are posted on this mailing list by sending them to:

    (The mailing list requires you to subscribe in order to post

    An archive of this mailing list can be found at:

    Also, people can get help with and discuss Gtk# on IRC via the
    #mono channel on the IRC server.

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