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2006-01-10 Lluis Sanchez Gual <>

	* gladeui/
	* doc/
	* svn-commit.tmp:
	* sources/ Removed.
	* Several fixes.
	* glue/ Added c glue files.
	* glue/glue.c: Updated.
	* gladeui/ Added some .custom files.
	* Added glue directory.
	* gladeui/gladeui.metadata: Removed some fields from
	the generation.
	* gladeui/Widget.custom: Implemented GetSignalsHandlers.
	* glue/widget.c:
	* gladeui/gladeui-sharp.snk: Added
	* gladeui/Project.custom:
	* gladeui/WidgetClass.custom:
	* gladeui/AssemblyInfo.cs:
	* gladeui/gladeui-sharp.dll.config:
	* gladeui/Interface.custom: Added.

svn path=/trunk/gladeui-sharp/; revision=55316
latest commit 194d71bdec
Lluis Sanchez slluis authored
This is the Mono binding for lubgladeui. 
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