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A simple library to embed Gecko (xulrunner) for the Mono Winforms

gluezilla - c glue for xulrunner
tests/browser - test app


	Since Mozilla has changed quite a bit across various versions
	and the way that it has been packaged and its APIs differ from
	one version to another you will need to tune your setup
	according to your OS.
	The recommended version of the Mozilla engine is >= 1.8

Using your distro's mozilla packages
Example Platform: openSUSE 10.2

	Before starting, make sure you install the 
	following packages and any dependencies they
	may have:


	Invoke configure like this:

		./autogen.sh [--enable-optimize=yes]
	The --enable-optimize flag will enable -O2, if =no it will use -g3

Using the Mozilla packages instead of distro packages

	If for some reason you have problems installing the xulrunner packages, 
	you can use the mozilla-distributed ones to build.	Inside the build 
	directory there are some scripts to help set up a local build.
	1) Obtain the xulrunner runtime and sdk from Mozilla. You can either
	download directly, or:
		* go to the build/ directory
		* run "get-gecko-sdk.sh"
		This will download and untar the packages for you.
	2) Run "make". This will create the proper directories with the contents of
	the sdk plus some extra headers that are needed.
	3) Go to xulrunner/ and run:
		./xulrunner --register-user
		This will register the runtime for your user. You can use --register-global
		to register this runtime for all users, instead
	4) Now you can build gluezilla. Invoke configure like this:
		./autogen.sh --enable-local=yes [--enable-optimize=yes]

		The --enable-optimize flag will enable -O2, if =no it will use -g3


	Once you have build and installed the software, go to:

		cd tests/browser
	and type
		make test
	Before running the test app, you will need to create the following directory
	tree where the test app is:
	Then run
		mono test.exe