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The Gtk#/Gnome# website can be found at:
GnomeDesktop# is a .NET language binding for assorted GNOME libraries from the
desktop release. GnomeDesktop# is free software, licensed under the GNU LGPL.
Building & Installing GnomeDesktop#:
The build is the traditional:
make install
Discussion & Support:
A mailing list for GnomeDesktop# discussion is available.
You can subscribe to the mailing list by visiting:
And following the instructions (on that page) to subscribe.
Messages are posted on this mailing list by sending them to:
(The mailing list requires you to subscribe in order to post
An archive of this mailing list can be found at:
Also, people can get help with and discuss Gtk# on IRC via the
#mono channel on the IRC server.
People looking for general help with C# should visit the
#c# channel on IRC server.
For developers wishing to "get started" with Gnome#, they are encouraged
to read the Mono Hand Book:
For those who wish to help with the development of Gnome#, they should
read the file named: HACKING.
Also, anyone wishing to hack Gnome# is encouraged to join the Gtk#
mailing list. And to visit the #mono IRC channel (on