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Commits on Sep 18, 2006
  1. @joeshaw

    2006-09-18 Joe Shaw <>

    joeshaw authored
    	* Bump version to 0.8.1.  Require gtk-sharp 2.4.0.
    	* sources/makefile: Download the 1.14.1 tarball.
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=65597
  2. @joeshaw

    2006-09-18 Joe Shaw <>

    joeshaw authored
    	* gsf/Gsf.metadata: Mark the Infile.ChildByName method as owning
    	its reference to fix leaks that would cause files to never be
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=65596
Commits on Apr 21, 2006
  1. @joeshaw

    2006-04-21 Joe Shaw <>

    joeshaw authored
    	* sources/makefile: Make the get-source-code target download the
    	1.14.0 tarball.
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=59776
  2. 2006-04-21 Daniel Drake <>

    Daniel Drake authored
    	* Require libgsf-1 1.14, but less than 1.15. Change
    	GSF_SO_VERSION to match the new .so version. Bump version to 0.8.
    	* sources/gsf-sharp-sources.xml, gsf/gsf-api.raw: Regenerate against
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=59774
Commits on Jan 20, 2006
  1. 2006-01-20 Daniel Drake <>

    Daniel Drake authored
    	* Remove check for libgsf-gnome-1 since we don't generate
    	bindings for that at the moment.
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=55837
Commits on Nov 15, 2005
  1. @joeshaw

    2005-11-15 Joe Shaw <>

    joeshaw authored
    	* Version 0.7
    2005-11-15  Joe Shaw  <>
    	* Require gtk-sharp 2.3.90.  Require libgsf-1
    	1.13, but less than 1.14.  Define the libgsf .so version in
    	here.  Update API_VERSION to
    	* gsf/Input.custom, gsf/Global.custom, gsf/Output.custom:
    	Change the DllImport to load libgsf-1.dll instead of
    	libgsf-1-1.dll, which doesn't really make sense.
    	* gsf/ Change dllmap to libgsf-1.dll,
    	and add the libgsf .so version as defined in
    	* gsf/Gsf.metadata: Now that we're using 2.3.90, we don't
    	need a bunch of crazy rules to handle "char const *" type
    	* gsf/gsf-api.raw: Regenerate this, based on 1.13.3 sources.
    	* sources/gsf-sharp-sources.xml: Update for libgsf 1.13.3,
    	update library name to libgsf-1.dll.
    	* sources/makefile: Fetch the 1.13.3 sources from GNOME FTP.
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=53082
Commits on Nov 3, 2005
  1. @joeshaw

    2005-11-03 Joe Shaw <>

    joeshaw authored
    	* Version 0.6
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=52531
  2. @joeshaw

    2005-11-03 Joe Shaw <>

    joeshaw authored
            * gsf/DocProp.custom: Change the value parameter to be ref rather
            than out, since the glib is expecting it to be zeroed out.  Patch
            from Daniel Drake.
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=52511
Commits on Oct 28, 2005
  1. @joeshaw

    bump up API version, since it's changed

    joeshaw authored
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=52343
  2. @joeshaw

    2005-10-28 Joe Shaw <>

    joeshaw authored
    	* Version 0.5
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=52342
  3. @joeshaw

    2005-10-28 Veerapuram Varadhan <>

    joeshaw authored
    	Fixes 316120, b.x.c: 76185
    	* gsf/Gsf.metadata: Hide the Get/Set methods for DocProp value.
    	* gsf/DocProp.custom: Tweaks to work around odd API in libgsf that returns GValue*.  This uses the glue code as the workaround.
    	* glue/gsf-doc-prop-glue.c: Wrapper for gsf_doc_prop_get_val and gsf_doc_prop_set_val functions.
    	* glue/gsf-doc-prop-glue.h: Glue header.
    	* glue/ Make script.
    	* build glue code
    	* -- ditto --
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=52341
Commits on Aug 18, 2005
  1. @joeshaw

    2004-08-18 Joe Shaw <>

    joeshaw authored
    	* gsf/ Install gsf-api.xml into gapi-2.0 dir in
    	$datadir, not whatever prefix gtk-sharp is in.
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=48511
  2. @joeshaw

    2005-08-18 Joe Shaw <>

    joeshaw authored
    	* Version 0.4.  Don't check for mint, install the
    	assemblies into the right directory, require libgsf 1.12.1 and gtk-sharp-2.0.
    	* gsf/Msole.custom: Remove this.
    	* gsf/Global.custom: Remove GetPropVal() and GetPropValStr().
    	* gsf/ Use gtk-sharp-2.0, remove Msole.custom.
    	* gsf/Gsf.metadata: Add a crapload of metadata tweaks, mostly to
    	work around an odd API in libgsf and the fact that the gtk-sharp
    	parser doesn't handle it.
    	* gsf/gsf-api.raw: Regenerated.
    	* sources/gsf-sharp-sources.xml: Deal with 1.12.1 instead of
    	* sources/makefile: Use gapi2-parser, get the 1.12.1 tarball.
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=48510
Commits on Mar 3, 2005
  1. 2004-03-03 Christopher James Lahey <>

    Chris Lahey authored
            * Updated version.
            * gsf/Gsf.metadata: Hide duplicate constructors for
            * GsfOutputIOChannel and GsfInputMemory.
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=41417
Commits on Dec 3, 2004
  1. Metadata patch from Veerapuram Varadhan <>.

    Chris Lahey authored
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=37036
Commits on Oct 29, 2004
  1. Fixed to correctly install gac files.

    Chris Lahey authored
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=35470
Commits on Oct 28, 2004
  1. Fix Input.custom to match Output.custom.

    Chris Lahey authored
    Fix Makefile for distcheck.
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=35402
Commits on Oct 13, 2004
  1. Handle gsf_input_seek and gsf_output_seek by hand.

    Chris Lahey authored
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=34954
Commits on Aug 23, 2004
  1. Updated .cvsignores.

    Chris Lahey authored
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=32717
  2. Forgot to remove doc from

    Chris Lahey authored
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=32716
  3. Initial revision

    Chris Lahey authored
    svn path=/trunk/gsf-sharp/; revision=32712
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