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build: Fix build with parallel make

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1 parent 1be1d93 commit 6b09480d8b417e547837345d8a48b6da5da0ed78 @bl8 bl8 committed May 15, 2011
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@@ -54,6 +54,8 @@ gtk_generated/Builder.cs: gtk-api.xml gtkbeans-api.xml $(GTK_CUSTOMS)
gapi2-codegen $(GLIBSHARP_CFLAGS) --outdir=gtk_generated --customdir=$(srcdir)/Gtk.Customs --generate gtkbeans-api.xml
gapi2-codegen $(GLIBSHARP_CFLAGS) $(GTKSHARP_CFLAGS) $(GIOSHARP_CFLAGS) --outdir=gtk_generated --customdir=$(srcdir)/Gtk.Customs --generate gtk-api.xml
+gtk-sharp-beans.dll.mdb: gtk-sharp-beans.dll
gtk-sharp-beans.dll: $(builddir)/gtk_generated/Builder.cs $(SRCS) AssemblyInfo.cs
@echo -e "\n*** Building $@"
$(CSC) -target:library -out:$@ $(CSC_DEFINES) $(UNSAFE) $(DEBUG) $(ASSEMBLIES) $(SRCS) AssemblyInfo.cs $(builddir)/gtk_generated/*.cs

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