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2008-08-26 Laurent Debacker <>
* QuickAccessToolbar.cs, Gallery.cs, Theme.cs, ApplicationMenuItem.cs,
Ribbon.cs, RibbonGroup.cs, ApplicationMenu.cs, BaseButton.cs: Use the
Default Theme instead of creating a new instance for each widget.
2008-08-18 Laurent Debacker <>
* QuickAccessToolbar.cs, Ribbon.cs: Add support for key tips.
* VariantsCombinaisonSwitcher.cs, ApplicationMenuItem.cs,
VariantsCombinaison.cs, ApplicationMenu.cs, DropdownRibbonGroup.cs: Add
* Gallery.cs: Add support for multi selection.
* Theme.cs: Update theme for key tips.
* SyntheticWindow.cs: Remove debug code.
* KeyTip.cs: Initial commit of KeyTip.
* ApplicationButton.cs: Support for key tips.
2008-08-15 Laurent Debacker <>
2008-08-11 Laurent Debacker <>
* Button.cs: Make Click method virtual
* ToggleButton.cs: Allow toggle buttons to display an arrow
* VariantsCombinaisonSwitcher.cs: Introduction of variants combinaisons
* ToolBox.cs: Bugfix for size requests
* VariantsCombinaison.cs: Bugfix for size requests, and hierachy
* Ribbon.cs: Revert to previous version of Ribbon (I have opted for another
solution for variants combinaisons)
* DropdownRibbonGroup.cs: Introduction of Drop down ribbon group
2008-08-05 Laurent Debacker <>
* GroupVariant.cs: Implementation of the concept of "variant" for Group.
* VariantsCombinaison.cs: Implementation for the concept of variant
* Ribbon.cs: Migrating Ribbon to variants combinaisons.
2008-07-24 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: Enhanced key tip theme
* SyntheticWindow.cs: Debug code
* RibbonGroup.cs: Avoid memory leak
2008-07-18 Laurent Debacker <>
* ApplicationMenuItem.cs: Open/close menu on mouse hover, with timer
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Reset default menu on button click
2008-07-17 Laurent Debacker <>
* ApplicationMenu.cs: hide container when windows is hidden
* ApplicationButton.cs: keep the app menu pressed while the app menu is
2008-07-14 Laurent Debacker <>
* ApplicationMenuItem.cs: Text align fix, and delayed menu opening.
* ApplicationMenu.cs: One hard-coded value removed
2008-07-11 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: More compliant app menu background, and new feature for buttons:
opaque background.
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Opaque buttons, window offset.
* ApplicationButton.cs: API update
* BaseButton.cs: New feature: opaque background
2008-07-11 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: Nicer menu items background
* ApplicationMenuItem.cs: Attempt to fix justification of menu item labels,
not ok yet
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Fixed menu size
2008-07-11 Laurent Debacker <>
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Working menu opening
2008-07-11 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: First steps for the app menu theme
* ApplicationMenuItem.cs: Better handling of fast moving pointers
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Bugfixes
2008-07-11 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: Better behavior of hilighs for app menu item
* ApplicationMenuItem.cs: More work on proper app menu item behavior
2008-07-10 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: Fix them code for app menu item
* ApplicationMenuItem.cs: Bug fixes
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Remove debug code
2008-07-09 Laurent Debacker <>
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Bugfix, can now open app menu multiple times
2008-07-08 Laurent Debacker <>
* QuickAccessToolbar.cs, FlowLayoutContainer.cs: Bugfix in remove
* Theme.cs, ApplicationMenuItem.cs: API update
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Lot of work to solve the rendering bug. It is now
gone, but I cannot open the menu more than once...
2008-07-07 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: Initial theme code for app menu item borowed from button
* ApplicationMenuItem.cs: Size alloc, size request, drawing
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Bug fix in size alloc
2008-07-07 Laurent Debacker <>
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Autohide the app menu when required
2008-07-07 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: Updated for new app menu API
* ApplicationMenuItem.cs, ApplicationMenu.cs: Major refactoring
* ApplicationButton.cs: Update for new App menu API
2008-07-06 Laurent Debacker <>
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Compilation bug fixes, sorry
2008-07-06 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: Dummy renderer for App menu and app menu item
* ApplicationMenu.cs: More work on app menu item
2008-07-04 Laurent Debacker <>
* ApplicationButton.cs: Bugfixes for popup position, and misc other bug
2008-07-04 Laurent Debacker <>
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Implementation of SizeAllocated for app menu, and more
work on SizeRequest
2008-07-04 Laurent Debacker <>
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Size requisition for app menu
2008-07-03 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: Fix background theme for Quick Access Toolbar when there is no
app button
2008-06-30 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: Quick Access Toolbar background
* ApplicationMenu.cs: Initial stub API for application menu.
* QuickAccessToolbar.cs: Take care of height requests from children widgets
2008-06-28 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: Title bar's background is not compliant
* Ribbon.cs: Fix title bar layout code
2008-06-28 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: Implementation of the required drop shadow for the app button
2008-06-27 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: Change background color depending on current state
* Ribbon.cs: Bugfix for layout code
* ApplicationButton.cs: Bugfix for widget initialization
2008-06-27 Laurent Debacker <>
* QuickAccessToolbar.cs: Bugfix, add NO_WINDOW flag
* Theme.cs: Implement final app button theme
* Ribbon.cs: Bugfix, call app button and quick access toolbar when calling
2008-06-23 Laurent Debacker <>
* QuickAccessToolbar.cs: Implement size request and size allocation.
2008-06-16 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs: Stub for the application button.
* Ribbon.cs: Support for the application button.
* ApplicationButton.cs: Initial commit.
2008-06-09 Laurent Debacker <>
* Ribbon.cs:
* More work a the layout of the QuickAccessToolbar
* QuickAccessToolbar.cs:
* Add minimal code to be able to use it as a child widget in the demo.
* Theme.cs:
* Drawing of the QuickAccessToolbar's background.
2008-06-02 Laurent Debacker <>
* Ribbon.cs:
* Add new Toolbar property to control the QuickAccessToolbar that
belongs to a Ribbon.
* Update Size Request
* Update Allocations
* Bugfix in the allocation
* QuickAccessToolbar.cs:
* Initial commit of the new Quick Access Toolbar widget with bare metal
* ToolBox.cs:
* Fixed a typo in a comment.
2008-06-02 Laurent Debacker <>
* Ribbon.cs:
* Add new Toolbar property to control the QuickAccessToolbar that
belongs to a Ribbon.
* Update Size Request
* Update Allocations
* Bugfix in the allocation
* QuickAccessToolbar.cs:
* Initial commit of the new Quick Access Toolbar widget with bare metal
* ToolBox.cs:
* Fixed a typo in a comment.
2008-02-07 Laurent Debacker <>
* Gallery.cs, GalleryPopupWindow.cs: * You can now click anywhere to close
the popup. (Paweł 'X4lldux' Drygas).
* Proper tile selection. (Paweł 'X4lldux' Drygas).
2008-01-25 Laurent Debacker <>
* RibbonGroup.cs, Button.cs: Added signal names to enable accelerators.
2008-01-19 Laurent Debacker <>
* Theme.cs, Position.cs, RibbonGroup.cs, Ribbons.mdp: Left, Right, and Top
position for the label of RibbonGroup implemented.
2007-12-27 Laurent Debacker <>
* Ribbon.cs, ToggleButton.cs, RibbonGroup.cs, Tile.cs, Gallery.cs, Theme.cs,
gtk-gui/generated.cs, gtk-gui/objects.xml, gtk-gui/gui.stetic,
Ribbons.mdp, Button.cs, ChangeLog: Fixing calls to Dispose() and
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