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- GLObjectBase's rotate rendering was broken when the scale issue was
resolved. This was probably caused by recent changes to
GtkGL.TransformationMatrix GtkGL.GLObjectBase.TransMatrix in
- Make a 2-stage build system. One, using autotools and gapi, to
create gtkglarea/generated/*.cs and one, using Prebuild, to create
various build systems for the widget
- make sure the .dll.config file gets installed to the correct directory
- in the rotate-buttons example non-numeric values should be stricken
and replaced with the previous value
- Janne's LWO loader code should be used to create a new example for
loading lightwave models
- Speak with John Carmack and Id about the potential of letting me use
one of their .mdl or .md3 files in a model-loading example
- build an extrude example
- build an object drag example
- build a user-driven cube creation example