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2008-03-10 Wade Berrier <>
* version bump -> 0.13
2008-03-10 Andreia Gaita <>
* gtkmozembed/gtkgecko.metadata: Hide gtk_moz_embed_set_comp_path.
* gtkmozembed/WebControl.custom: Add initialization of CompPath,
to set the initial components path (if it hasn't been set yet by the
application) from the MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME env var,before the control is
created. Without this, gtkmozembed will try to load the runtime from
the current process path instead of going to the runtime directory,
and will blow up.
[Fixes #341815]
2006-12-22 Wade Berrier <>
* version bump -> 0.12
2006-12-11 Wade Berrier <>
* use monodocer instead of monodoc to break
cyclic dep on mono-tools
2006-04-13 Zac Bowling <>
* sample/ added Glib to WebThumbnailer
* sample/WebThumbnailer.cs: Add timming hacks and updated save
function (Savev seems broken, but Save is better). Fixed other minor
* sample/ Added, detects mozilla/firefox directory
to find
* sample/ Added, detects mozilla/firefox directory to
* sample/MozWindow.cs: updated GTK# to not use obsolete toolbar
2005-05-14 Ben Maurer <>
* Bump for release and tag.
2005-05-13 Ben Maurer <>
* sample/,, sample/ Remove
install of the webshot app. The bin file conflicts with the Gtk#
1.0 based version.
* (pkgconfigdir): Use the $datadir pkgconfig dir. This
forces some distros with old pkgconfig's to modify their
patch. However, it avoids breaking newer OS's with a new pkgconfig
going forward.
2005-05-12 Ben Maurer <>
* sample/ Correct the install dir, and remove sed
* sample/ Use prefix/lib, and give the full path to mono.
* use prefix/lib
* gtkmozembed/ use GACUTIL_FLAGS
- Add GACUTIL_FLAGS with prefix/lib rather than libdir
- sample/webshot is now created by configure
2005-05-09 Mark Crichton <>
* gtkmozembed/ added the XML api file to the dist, so
the build can go a bit smoother
2005-05-07 Alp Toker <>
* gtkmozembed/gtkgecko.metadata: The gtk_moz_embed_single_get_type
symbol is mangled in some Mozilla builds, so hide it to get things
working again after the reparse.
2005-05-06 Mark Crichton <>
* gtkmozembed/gtksharp.metadata: Finally get around to fixing
* gtkmozembed/NewWindow*.cs, Single.custom: Removed, for they
are junk now
* gtkmozembed/WebControl.custom: Removed more new_window hackery
* gtkmozembed/gtkgecko-api.raw: Reparsed Mozilla code
2005-05-01 Mark Crichton <>
* Added code to support using monodoc
2005-04-20 John Luke <>
* gtkmozembed/
* sample/ use compatible compiler switches
to avoid warnings with mcs head
2005-03-07 Zac Bowling <>
* conditional fix for WIN32
* gtkmozembed/ again
(not versioned)
* gtkmozembed/ changed *.config to * (thanks Chris)
2005-03-07 Christian Hergert <>
* Add AM_CONDITIONAL for WINBUILD. Still needs to have
a configure switch added or some other way of determining WINBUILD. But
this allows us to still build.
2005-03-06 Zac Bowling <>
* gtkmozembed/WebControl.custom: typo made backword logic
2005-03-06 Zac Bowling <>
* Added new in file for autoconf blender
* gtkmozembed/ Added for WIN32 dll search
* updated for building csc and without mono
* gtkmozembed/gtkgecko-api.raw: Updated for changes in the api
* gtkmozembed/ updated for gapi tool name differences
* gtkmozembed/WebControl.custom: added support for buggy profiles
* gtkmozembed/gecko-sharp.dll.config: Removed
2005-03-06 John Luke <>
* gtkmozembed/WebControl.custom: use generated SetProfilePath
method to adjust for gtk# changes, fixes build with gtk# HEAD
* gtkmozembed/gecko-sharp.dll.config: change mapping of
gtkmozembed.dll to (not versioned)
2005-03-06 Zac Bowling <>
* gtkmozembed/gecko-sharp.dll.config: Fixed dll mapping issues.
shouldn't need to make this configured by autoconf like GTK#
2005-02-22 Raja R Harinath <>
* gtkmozembed/ (sources): Move AssemblyInfo.cs ...
(build_sources): ... here.
($(API), generated-stamp): Don't look for $(API) in $(srcdir).
(EXTRA_DIST): Don't distribute generated file $(API).
2005-02-11 Geoff Norton <>
* Bumped assembly version to 2.0
* Added
* Dropped
* Updated gecko-sharp to gecko-sharp-2.0 to be consistent with its
gtk-sharp-2.0 dep.
2005-02-05 Mark Crichton <crichton@localhost.localdomain>
* bumped up version to 0.7. I should become better
at this
* gtkmozembed/WebControl.custom: fixed to use gtkmozembed.dll
for Win32. Also fixed path seperator differences
* gtkmozembed/gtkgecko-api.raw: Fixed .dll naming issue there as well
* sources: as well
2005-01-24 Mike Kestner <>
* : add a gapi pkgconfig check. [Fixes #71668]
2005-01-08 Mike Kestner <>
* : AC_SUBST the cflags and libs for Gtk#.
* gtkmozembed/ : use Gtk# CFLAGS and LIBS in generation and
2004-11-11 John Luke <>
* COPYING: add this and point it to the other license files
otherwise automake sticks a GPL COPYING file in there
2004-10-29 Todd Berman <>
* bumping version. someone forgot a commit :)
2004-08-20 Mark Crichton <>
* gtkmozembed/gtkgecko.metadata: Changed OpenUri to bool
instead of int
2004-06-01 Todd Berman <>
* gtkmozembed/gtkgecko.metadata: hide void ctor.
2004-05-16 Todd Berman <>
* sample/
* gtkmozembed/ update to work with mono from cvs
2004-05-13 Todd Berman <>
* make this actually work.
2004-05-05 Todd Berman <>
* bump to 0.3
* gtkmozembed/ change to gtk-sharp package to fix broken
examples and autodetect for now on compilation.
* gtkmozembed/gecko-sharp.dll.config: add config-fu for gecko-sharp
to work properly.
2004-05-01 Mark Crichton <>
* gtkmozembed/ Added some AssemblyInfo stuff
for the GAC
2004-04-12 Mike Kestner <>
* gtkmozembed/WebControl.custom : chain to base (IntPtr) on ctors and
fix custom base virtual method to use new valuetype GValues api.
2004-03-24 Mark Crichton <>
* api: Not used anymore.
* gtkmozembed/*: Everything changed around to support new signal
handling. Also moved everything to the Gtk.Gecko class.
2004-03-11 Mark Crichton <>
* api/gtkmozmebed-api.xml: Minor changes.
* gtkmozmebed/ Use api xml description in api
2003-11-23 John Luke <>
* remove sources from SUBDIRS
* run configure by default
* no need to output api/Makefile
* api/*: no longer used
* gtkmozembed/Single.custom: comment out signals temporarily
* gtkmozembed/GtkMozEmbed.metadata: add here, and port to XPath style
* gtkmozembed/ update to use gapi-fixup
and generate the sources
* sources/GtkMozEmbed.metadata: remove
* sources/ run gapi-parser unconditionally
* sources/gtkmozembed-sharp-sources.xml: add sources file
* sources/gtkmozembed-sharp.sources: remove