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Change the README to reflect the fact we don't need the patches anymore.

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@@ -3,21 +3,11 @@ This is gtkmozembed-sharp. To use it, you need two things:
1) A working mozilla build.
Note, the build *must* use gtk2. You can do this by adding:
ac_add_options --enable-default-toolkit=gtk2
- to your .mozconfig file. Also, you *need* the patches attached to
- the following bugs:
- I'm (still) trying to get them pushed upstream. These are necessary
- patches for other bindings (namely Python). We may be able to get
- around the issue for C#.
- I'll try to get a mega-patch included in CVS, so people won't have
- to hunt around collecting little bits here-and-there.
+ to your .mozconfig file.
Also note, this needs gtk2. The Win32 version of mozilla doesn't
- even touch gtk. Therefore, this will *not* work on Win32.
+ even touch gtk. Therefore, this will *not* work on Win32. It might,
+ however. Someone enterprising needs to try it.
2) The CVS release of gtk-sharp. There was a bug in the generator
which is now fixed. gtk-sharp also needs to be installed.

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