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An interactive, realtime spell checker for Gtk.TextView. 
Similar to MS Word's red squiggly spell checking feature.

GtkSpell# wraps libgtkspell 2.0, which wraps any installed aspell 
or ispell spellchecking library. 

Copyright(C) 2005-2006, Zac Bowling
 Licenced under the LGPL v1.1 (or at your option, any later version).

Special thanks to: 
 Rafael Teixeira (Samples)
 Mike Kestner (GAPI and gtk#)


$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

WIN32 runtimes:
 libgtkspell 2.0 will build on WIN32, but for simplisty I use GAIM's GTK+ 
 runtime installer as it contains libgtkspell for deploying.

You can get the dictionaries and installers for win32 here:
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