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28-08-2007 Brad Taylor <>
* Fixes for win32 build -- Remove specific Mono checks in
favour of more cross-platform checks that are found later in the
file. Add GENERATED_SOURCES fix from gtk-sharp.
* gtkspell/ Put -out before sources, as csc.exe complains
otherwise. Use $(GENERATED_SOURCES) so that we can switch the
directory separator based on platform.
11-04-2006 Zac Bowling <>
sample/TestGtkSpell.cs - Cleaned up spacing
10-04-2006 Zac Bowling <>
gtkspell/ - Updated mcs build to prevent warnings
09-03-2006 Zac Bowling <>
README: updated description
docs/README: simple set of api documentation
24-03-2005 Rafael Teixeira <>
-- added a delete event handler to end the application when closing the window
-- now accepts an optional command line argument to specify locale.
Ex: "mono TestGtkSpell.exe pt-br", defaults to en-us as before
13-04-2005 Zac Bowling <>
sources/gtkspell-2.0.10.tar.gz: added sources used to build
sources/Win32/libgtkspell.dll: added win32 dll for convience
api/*: removed, sources generate directly to raw now