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  /**** Contstructors ****/
  // Set language for spell checking by passing in language id string 
  // (eg. "EN-US", "EN-GB"). Pass NULL to use default. 
  SpellCheck(Gtk.TextView, string);
  /**** Members ****/
  // Set language for spell checking by passing in a locale string 
  // (eg. "EN-US", "EN-GB"). Pass NULL to use default. 
  // Returns false if its unable to set the langauge. 
  bool SetLanguage(string);
  void RecheckAll();
  void Detach();

  // This deprecated method will attach a new (and different) GtkSpell checker
  // to a TextView with the default language. This method returns no errors. 
  [Deprecated] void Attach(Gtk.TextView);
  /**** Static Members ****/
  // Should return NULL if no SpellCheck was attached before.
  (static) GtkSpell.SpellCheck GetFromTextView(Gtk.TextView);

  // Really old versions of libgtkspell require you to initalize aspell/ispell 
  // This shouldn't do anything in new versions of libgtkspell.
  [Deprecated] (static) ErrorFlags Init();  

// this enum was really suppost to be used in the future but the only method 
// that uses it is now Deprecated and might not get ever get reused for
// gtkspell3
enum GtkSpell.ErrorFlags