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Task list:
* UI Tasks
- Do a progress bar on loading a file
- Add menus
- Open a new profile
- Go to misc views
- Add a status bar
- Tooltips on the graph
- Select a type to highlight on the graph
- Filter out the crap in the heap view
- Context menu for graph
- Figure out how to handle new windows for the views Maybe a tabbed type
thing is needed.
* New Views
- Delta view -- what changed on the heap between time a and b
- Young objects -- what objects did not survive any gcs, only 1, etc
- Allocation profiler -- like the current --profile, ignore gc, etc just
look at who allocated
* General
- Handle long running programs better. We are going to use up way too much
ram for profiling something like f-spot
- Get data about the actual size of the GC heap
- Stuff for debugging blacklisting
- Look at the blocks on the heap (how many of each size / how many marks set
in each)
- Gnome integration (MIME types, icons, etc)
- Printing reports
- Export to HTML
- More 0. For example, I might want to see `what is the size of all
Mono.CSharp.Expression objects.' Need an ad hoc query interface.
- Record info about program execution in the profile (file name, args, cwd,
- Let the user create annotations
- Let the user save views
- Work on the size of the profile. Corlib building takes over 50 mb.
- Work on performance of loading a profile
* Test cases
Get useful profiles on:
- MonoDevelop
- iFolder
- monodoc
- mcs
- beagle
- zlm
Find problems that hinder performance work.