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This is Lame Blog.
A small script that I wrote to maintain my blog on the web. I
did not use another blog system, because I had different
requirements than other people have.
I wanted:
* To support off-line editing. Since for long periods
of time I might not have an internet connection.
* To be able to edit my blog entries with my choice
editor, not using some integrated tool.
* To keep my old .txt file format for my entries.
* To do some minimal processing on the input.
The script has plenty of data hardcoded, I should make this
configurable some day.
It looks for blog entries in:
Ie, for example:
For historic reasons, it generates an all.html (compatibility
with old permalinks) and also now it generates per-day
permalink entries in the archive/ directory.
The result is then pushed to a server with rsync.
Miguel de Icaza (
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