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2007-10-04 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* testgdi.c: Fix segfault. Patch by Yoichi NAKAYAMA.
2007-07-31 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* Add two new tests;
* testclip.c: New test case for #83129 by Yves Bastide.
* testreversepath.c: New test case for #81859 by Yves Bastide.
2007-06-21 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* testbits.c, testgdi.c: Fix #81845 to allow using with C++ compilers
and -Werror. Patch by Yves Bastide.
2007-06-21 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* testbits.cs: Fix Rgb|Argb definitions. Patch by Yves Bastide.
2007-04-24 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* testbits.cs: Use public header file. Comment stuff that use private
API (stuff is not exposed anymore).
* testgdi.c: Use public header file and fix warnings.
2007-04-03 Sebastien Pouliot <>
* testgdi.c: Adjust sample as private symbol gdip_graphics_new isn't
exported anymore outside libgdiplus.
2006-04-19 Peter Dennis Bartok <>
* testbits.cs: Updated to match new BitmapData and Bitmap structs
2006-02-28 Peter Dennis Bartok <>
* testbits.cs: Fixed bug #144798 (Novell Bugzilla)
2005-10-07 Wade Berrier <>
* testgdi.c: Added missing printf argument
2004-06-11 Sanjay Gupta <>
* test.bmp, test.gif, test.png: Added files to prevent seg fault.
* testgdi.c: Minor modification of adding print stmts.
2004-04-23 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* removed $(NULL), to deal with older/non-gnu make
2004-04-19 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* Added testbits.c
* testbits.c: Test LockBits functionality
2004-04-04 Vladimir Vukicevic <>
* testgdi.c: Make the test actually check return values,
so that problems can be caught during testing.
* testgdi.c: initial commit
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