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C-based implementation of the GDI+ API

tag: mono-2-2-p1
libgdiplus: An Open Source implementation of the GDI+ API.

This is part of the Mono project


	This requires the libraries used by the Cairo vector graphics library
	to build (freetype2, fontconfig, Xft2 and libpng, basically).
	See cairo/REAME. Note that libpixman is included in this package already.

To build:

	./configure --prefix=YOUPREFIX

To install:

	make install

Optional build options [UNSUPPORTED]


	This build libgdiplus using the system's libcairo (and not the 
	internal copy of Cairo that libgdiplus bundles). Minimum Cairo 
	version is 1.4.


	This build libgdiplus using Pango to render (measure and draw) 
	all of it's text. This can only be enabled if --with-cairo=system
	and requires Pango version 1.10 (or later).
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