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2008-08-12 Manuel Cerón <>
* Serializer.cs: Added suport for PointCollection to Clone
2008-08-11 Manuel Cerón <>
* Serializer.cs: Fixed bugs regarding collections
* ReflectionHelper.cs: Getting static properties
2008-08-10 Manuel Cerón <>
* Serializer.cs: Using Diagnostics to detect errors
* ReflectionHelper.cs: Fixed GetFields, getting private fields too
2008-08-09 Manuel Cerón <>
* Serializer.cs: Added try-catch to detect exceptions in GetValue
2008-07-24 Manuel Cerón <>
* Serializer.cs: Added a new Clone method from scratch
2008-07-21 Manuel Cerón <>
* Serializer.cs: Fixed bug caused by different cultures and ToString()
* ReflectionHelper.cs: Removed duplicates from attached properties
2008-06-22 Manuel Cerón <>
* Serializer.cs: Serializer ignores Handles and Frames
2008-06-01 Manuel Cerón <>
* ReflectionHelper.cs: Fixed bug with null pased to Dictionary.Add
2008-05-17 Manuel Ceron <>
* Serializer.cs: Changed all refereces to SetValue<T>, now using the non
parametrized method SetValue() because the generic version was removed
from Moonlight. Removed References to System.Windows.Offset()
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