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warning fixes: do not include iOS stuff in MonoMac

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1 parent d6959cc commit 7e90f02cb8f1f4995a7f9f0443f81029eb2fc8ea @migueldeicaza migueldeicaza committed Nov 15, 2012
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  1. +6 −1 src/CoreMedia/CMSampleBuffer.cs
@@ -578,8 +578,11 @@ static class Selectors
public static readonly NSString SampleReferenceURL;
public static readonly NSString SampleReferenceByteOffset;
public static readonly NSString GradualDecoderRefresh;
// Since 6,0
public static readonly NSString DroppedFrameReason;
static Selectors ()
@@ -774,13 +777,15 @@ internal CMSampleBufferAttachmentSettings (NSMutableDictionary dictionary)
[Since (6,0)]
public string DroppedFrameReason {
get {
return GetStringValue (Selectors.DroppedFrameReason);
// TODO: Implement remaining selector properties
// PostNotificationWhenConsumed
// ResumeOutput

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aarononeal commented on 7e90f02 Nov 18, 2012

I'm wondering if there is another approach that would be better for dealing with properties like this that might show up on iOS first but then make their way into a future OS X version. If we ifdef them like this, it's going to be a maintenance issue to add them back as the OS versions reach parity.

The Since attribute is a nice approach, so what if we were to expand on that like this?

[Since (Platform.iOS, 6, 0)]
[Since (Platform.OSX, 10, 9)]
public string DroppedFrameReason ...

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