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sbaer commented Mar 7, 2013

I've started working on a MonoMac build that runs in a 64 bit process. Here are the CoreGraphics modifications. Please let me know if you would like this written a different way and I'll be happy to change.

sbaer added some commits Feb 28, 2013
@sbaer sbaer added 64bit Version of NSRect c237171
@sbaer sbaer using tab style preference for mono files cac90ff
@sbaer sbaer NSRect, NSPoint, NSSize for 64 bit build d48b33f
@sbaer sbaer NSPredicateEditorRowTemplate reviewed for 64 bit a99b88e
@sbaer sbaer Working on 64bit support for CoreGraphics 069985f
@sbaer sbaer CoreGraphics 64bit support 77da4da
@sbaer sbaer Removed warning on 32 build of unused variable 8a5d71e
@sbaer sbaer merge recent changes on main maccore repository db07975
@sbaer sbaer Update ImageIO for 64 bit 321d1f4
@sbaer sbaer NSArray and NSAttributedString made 64bit compatible 6778c03
@sbaer sbaer NSCache, NSCalendarDate, NSData modified for 64 bit build 6de5e39
@sbaer sbaer 64bit updates to foundation classes 6ee26b6
@sbaer sbaer 64 bit modifications for foundation classes ae46760
@sbaer sbaer Making foundation generated classes 64bit compatible 5175dab
@sbaer sbaer foundation.cs updated to be 64bit compatible 768f55d
@sbaer sbaer Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
merging latest code from upstream
@sbaer sbaer Added constructors/functions to point,rect,size to make it easier to …
…build winforms
@sbaer sbaer added overload of NSArray.FromObjects to 64 bit compile
I need to spend some time looking at why the params object[] exists in
the overloads
@sbaer sbaer 64bit fix for figuring out which obj_msg... function to call based on…
… size of data
@sbaer sbaer added set properties for NSRect fbe5430
@sbaer sbaer Added "debugging" command args for testing 6542951
@sbaer sbaer set up project for working on a 64 bit compile 2ead7f7
@sbaer sbaer update to fix compile error with latest mono release 22b2455
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