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Commits on Nov 10, 2010
  1. Fully bind MaigreRcStyle as well

    Aaron Bockover authored
    Does the same thing to MaigreRcStyle as the previous commit did
    to MaigreStyle. Also added back a ThemeModule static class with
    Init and Exit methods.
  2. Make Maigre.Style a Gtk.Style at the managed level

    Aaron Bockover authored
    Properly matched the managed binding at the class and object level
    to MaigreStyle (native) and Maigre.Style (managed). When the native
    class_init is called, the class is also configured statically on
    the managed side. When the native init is called, the object is
    configured on the managed side.
    The GType is now configured on the managed class, so it can be
    a full binding. Essentially Maigre.Style complements the only partial
    binding of the stock Gtk.Style, but is fully compatible now in
    existing managed code.
  3. Make template inputs depend on the generator

    Aaron Bockover authored
  4. Set the name of the Maigre Mono domain

    Aaron Bockover authored
  5. Added back the run target

    Aaron Bockover authored
  6. Fixed MD Makefile syncing

    Aaron Bockover authored
  7. The build now distchecks

    Aaron Bockover authored
  8. More build fixups and mako managed template

    Aaron Bockover authored
Commits on Nov 9, 2010
  1. Added - a mako template

    Aaron Bockover authored
  2. Partially ported to automake

    Aaron Bockover authored
  3. Added a lame configure script

    Aaron Bockover authored
Commits on Nov 8, 2010
  1. Re-enabled ModuleInit/ModuleExit methods

    Aaron Bockover authored
  2. More simplification through code generation

    Aaron Bockover authored
    Moved the maigre-codegen project to be a plain generic MD project
  3. Cleaned/reorged build

    Aaron Bockover authored
    Moved libmaigre/maigre-gtk-style-generator to its own project,
    maigre-codegen. Fixed up some makefile targets and integration.
  4. Big honkin' redesign of Maigre

    Aaron Bockover authored
    The binding generator now fully generates the native and managed side of
    the GtkStyle implementation. All methods and properties are fully
    automatically defined and bound on both sides.
    On the managed side, the Maigre.Theme class is now an abstract class,
    and new themes should subclass it. If one wishes to override a drawing
    function, which are now proper virtual methods on Maigre.Theme, then the
    method will be invoked for drawing. If a drawing method is not
    overridden, the base GtkStyle drawing call will be made. Additionally
    calling base.DrawFoo from the managed side will invoke the GtkStyle
    parent method if desired.
    All drawing arguments are presented as properties directly on the theme
    object and are cleared and updated before each Draw call. Properties
    that are not applicable to the current draw call will contain a default
    value (e.g. null).
    This implementation is much safer, since it's fully generated directly
    from gtkstyle.h, smaller because there is less manual code, faster
    because the native drawing context is blitted and directly marshalled
    from native to managed (no more field_set calls), and properly object
Commits on Nov 7, 2010
  1. Proper Makefiles, MD integration, Cairo

    Aaron Bockover authored
    Added Cairo extension methods/classes, organized the project a little
    more, and added Makefile build support that integrates with the MD
Commits on Nov 6, 2010
  1. Marshal arguments into a DrawContext structure

    Aaron Bockover authored
    All Draw methods now take a single argument, DrawContext. This structure
    contains properties for all possible Draw methods. Only properties valid
    to the current Draw method will be set to non-default values.
Commits on Nov 5, 2010
  1. Initial Maigre import

    Aaron Bockover authored
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