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Visual Basic Compiler and Runtime
Visual Basic C# Other
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build Remove uses of gmcs since we do not include it anymore.
class New bootstrap, following PR 8
man vbnc: Update the man page with information about vbnc2 and /sdkpath.
scripts [vbruntime] Fix launch scripts, since vbnc.exe is in 4.5/ not 4.0/
tools Make the moonlight build less fragile
vbnc No more NOTES.txt
vbruntime Fix Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll AssemblyVersion number
.gitattributes Use LF as newline for tests.xml
.gitignore Build a 4.5 profile too, and make it the default.
ChangeLog 2010-06-11 Rolf Bjarne Kvinge <>
Makefile Build a 4.5 profile too, and make it the default.
configure Bump version to 4.0.1
install-sh * rules.make: revert to using automake's install-sh (ie: sunos
mkinstalldirs Add Fix spec file


Mono Basic: Visual Basic Compiler and Runtime.

= Building =

	To configure this module, first configure it, like this:

		./configure [--prefix=/path]

	To build it, use:


	To install the compiler and runtime, use:

		make install

= Package =

== Visual Basic Runtime ==

== Visual Basic Compiler ==

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