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2010-05-25 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Assist in installation setups.
2010-02-08 Chris Howie <>
* gui.cs: ProcessColdKey is broadcast to all widgets just like
ProcessHotKey, but after ProcessKey instead of before.
This method is now used by Button to implement default-button
logic. This prevents a default button from consuming '\n' keys when there is
another default button, or some other widget interested in '\n' when it it focused
(like perhaps a TextArea widget).
2009-04-24 Miguel de Icaza <>
* gui.cs (Entry): Raise the Changed event if set.
* gui.cs: A handful of bug fixes.
Based on patches from Flavio Percoco Premoli (
* gui.cs (Entry): Add support for Secret property.
* gui.cs (CheckBox): New widget, a Checkbox.
2009-02-09 Jonathan Pryor <>
* mono-curses.source: Add a /monodoc/node element so that
documentation is inserted under the "Mono Libraries" node.
Wed Oct 17 15:09:30 CEST 2007 Paolo Molaro <>
* attrib.c: fixed compilation of constants. Note that mono-curses
programs that use these constants are not portable to different
systems and they'll need a recompile (bug #333808).
2007-04-15 Miguel de Icaza <>
* demo.cs: Link it with MonoTorrent, add statistics display,
actually switch the stats based on it, add resizing support, etc.
Add a bunch of extra settings.
* gui.cs: Add filing, fix Clear and all the related classes,
complete resizing support, add Info methods, run in raw mode,
support c-c and c-z.
* Makefile: You must specify your bitsharp directory now.
2007-04-14 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Add support for checking SIGWINCH.
* gui.cs: Support SIGWINCH. Add the basics for layout, only
Dialogs take advantage of this now. more to come.
Add error method.
* demo.cs: Add some prototypical stuff for starting to layout the
UI for monotorrent.
Add load/save settings,
Add options dialog.
2007-04-13 Miguel de Icaza <>
* binding.cs (IsAlt): new routine, constants to encode alt
* demo.cs: Provide a model for the listview, improve demo, include
new pane to test focus across containers.
* gui.cs:
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