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Makefile : Ensure $(prefix)/lib/pkgconfig/ exists

Create $(prefix)/lib/pkgconfig. Otherwise if that dir didn't exists
mono-curses.pc got copied AS $(prefix)/lib/pkgconfig instead of into it.
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1 parent f8ef538 commit db82f9d79074fdb3c1f0b0b774a6ed0f313a231b @olethanh olethanh committed with migueldeicaza Jan 2, 2011
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@@ -71,9 +71,10 @@ clean:
install: all
mkdir -p $(prefix)/bin
mkdir -p $(prefix)/lib/mono-curses
+ mkdir -p $(prefix)/lib/pkgconfig
gacutil -i mono-curses.dll -package mono-curses
cp libmono-curses* $(prefix)/lib/
- cp mono-curses.pc $(prefix)/lib/pkgconfig
+ cp mono-curses.pc $(prefix)/lib/pkgconfig/
cp mono-curses.tree mono-curses.source `pkg-config --variable sourcesdir monodoc`

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