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Latest commit 78f8258 Nov 16, 2015 @akoeplinger akoeplinger Merge pull request #37 from tpokorra/master
fixing make and make install of mono-tools against Mono 3.2.x
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console [Gendarme] Make MSBuild project work under !cmd.exe Jan 30, 2013
framework Merge pull request #30 from DavidS/master Apr 28, 2013
man Add an option to show defects on stdout *and* (intead of *or*) inside… Apr 3, 2011
rules Fixed rule description typo. Nov 11, 2015
swf-wizard-runner use mcs instead of gmcs or dmcs Dec 5, 2013
tools Update VS2010 instructions/support for Gendarme May 11, 2011
wix require .net 4 to be installed before setup Apr 12, 2011
.gitignore Update VS.NET sln/csproj files to build Gendarme+Cecil/light on Windows Nov 23, 2010
AUTHORS Handle array types correctly in ReviewLinqMethodRule. FIx bnc664556 Jan 17, 2011 2008-02-17 Sebastien Pouliot <> Feb 17, 2008
AssemblyStaticInfo.cs Gendarme is now a FX4.0 based application - but can analyze previous … Mar 3, 2011
ChangeLog DelegatesPassedToNativeCodeMustIncludeExceptionHandlingRule: peer rev… Aug 27, 2010
MIT.X11 Adjust copyrights for 2011 Feb 18, 2011 Include every defects on regression testing Feb 27, 2011
NEWS Update Gendarme's NEWS, copyrights and version for before 2.10 branch Jan 10, 2011
README Update csproj files to re-use nunit-framework shipped with cecil-light Dec 28, 2010
README.vsnet Update VS2010 instructions/support for Gendarme May 11, 2011
TODO * gendarme/TODO: Nov 9, 2008 Install gd2i (binaries and WIP documentation) for Gendarme 2.8.2 Sep 5, 2010
gendarme-win.sln update solution / project files to VS2010 / FX4 Mar 3, 2011 Support MONO_OPTIONS too (like gendarme does) Oct 20, 2008 2008-05-28 Sebastien Pouliot <> May 29, 2008
gendarme.sln Revert "[639072] Initialize evaluator before using it." Sep 14, 2010
gendarme.svg 2008-11-23 Sebastien Pouliot <> Nov 23, 2008
mono-options.ignore Add new Gendarme.Rules.Globalization.PreferIFormatProviderOverrideRule Mar 3, 2011
options.make Use checked math only in debug. Jan 3, 2009
self-test.ignore Refactor TypesWith[Disposable|Native]FieldsShouldBeDisposableRule. Fi… Apr 10, 2011
unit-test.list * gendarme\unit-test.list : Add Test.Rules.Globalization.dll Jan 3, 2011


Gendarme README

User-level documentation is available from the Mono:: project wiki


Mailing list

Newsgroup gateway to the mailing list

Developer documentation


* Gendarme "official" build system is based on the auto*/Makefile files
and tested on MonkeyWrench. See mono-tools-trunk on
(checking out gendarme without its parent dir 'mono-tools' is not supported)

* Visual Studio solutions and projects files (usable by both MonoDevelop
and Visual Studio .NET 2008) are NOT always up to date with Makefiles. 
This depends on the developer making changes and his personal access to 
the developing environments. (Please see the README.vsnet file.)
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