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UPNP binding for Mono/.NET
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Mono.Upnp is set of client/server libraries for the Universal Plug 'n Play specifications. See

To build with Visual Studio or MonoDevelop, open Mono.Upnp.sln and build the solution.

To build with from the command line with Mono:

xbuild Mono.Upnp.sln

To build with from the command line with .NET:

msbuild Mono.Upnp.sln

Alternatively, on Unix, you can use the Autotools infrastructure:

./configure # or ./ if working on a cloned repository

About the projects:

  • Mono.Ssdp: An implementation of the Simple Discovery Protocol (see UPnP Device Architecture 1.1, Section 1).

  • Mono.Upnp: An implementation of the UPnP Device Architecture 1.1, Secions 2-5.

  • Mono.Upnp.GtkClient: An executable GTK+ user interface for inspecting UPnP devices and services on the network.

  • Mono.Upnp.Dcp.MediaServer1: An implementation of the UPnP Audio/Video MediaServer1 Device Control Protocol.

  • Mono.Upnp.Dcp.MediaServer1.FileSystem: A MediaServer1 implementation which serves media from the file system.

  • Mono.Upnp.Dcp.MediaServer1.FileSystem.ConsoleServer: An executable console program which serves media from the file system.

  • Mono.Upnp.Dcp.MSMediaServerRegistrar1: An implementation of the Microsoft MSMediaServerRegistrar1 Device Control Protocol.

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