UPNP binding for Mono/.NET
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Mono.Upnp is set of client/server libraries for the Universal Plug 'n Play specifications. See http://www.upnp.org.

To build with Visual Studio or MonoDevelop, open Mono.Upnp.sln and build the solution.

To build with from the command line with Mono:

xbuild Mono.Upnp.sln

To build with from the command line with .NET:

msbuild Mono.Upnp.sln

Alternatively, on Unix, you can use the Autotools infrastructure:

./configure # or ./autogen.sh if working on a cloned repository

About the projects:

  • Mono.Ssdp: An implementation of the Simple Discovery Protocol (see UPnP Device Architecture 1.1, Section 1).

  • Mono.Upnp: An implementation of the UPnP Device Architecture 1.1, Secions 2-5.

  • Mono.Upnp.GtkClient: An executable GTK+ user interface for inspecting UPnP devices and services on the network.

  • Mono.Upnp.Dcp.MediaServer1: An implementation of the UPnP Audio/Video MediaServer1 Device Control Protocol.

  • Mono.Upnp.Dcp.MediaServer1.FileSystem: A MediaServer1 implementation which serves media from the file system.

  • Mono.Upnp.Dcp.MediaServer1.FileSystem.ConsoleServer: An executable console program which serves media from the file system.

  • Mono.Upnp.Dcp.MSMediaServerRegistrar1: An implementation of the Microsoft MSMediaServerRegistrar1 Device Control Protocol.