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Follow these simple guidelines when hacking on Mono.Upnp and you too will loose weight and find happiness!
C# Style Guidelines
1. Indent with 4 spaces. Tabs are bad. Obviously.
2. Leave room for the Holy Ghost; put a space before parenthesis, like so:
this.ToString ();
2. With namespaces, types, and methods, Ms. Brace gets her own line, like so:
namespace Foo
{ // This
class Bar
{ // Is
public void Bat ()
{ // Stylish
3. Ms. Brace shares a line with statements, however. Now you try sharing:
if (foo != null) {
foo.Bar ();
Statements such as else, else-if, catch, and do-while share a line with Ms. Closing Brace. Know what I mean?
if (something) {
} else { // This is what I mean
Always use braces with statements. Always use braces with statements. Always use braces with statements.
4. Properties look like this:
public string Foo { get; set; } // Automatic property
public string Bar { // 1-line accessor
get { return "bar"; }
public string Bat { // Multi-line accessor
get {
/* Your
Here */
5. Private fileds and local variables look_like_this:
string all_lower_case_with_underscores = null; // Snake casing
Method parameters lookLikeThis:
public void Foo (string lowerCaseAndThenUpperCase) // Camal casing
Everything else (namespaces, types, methods, properties, events, and non-private fields) LookLikeThis:
public class MyClass // Pascal casing
protected string NonPrivateField; // Pascal casing
void PrivateMethod () // Pascal casing
public string PublicProperty { get; set; } // You get the idea
6. Lines should not exceed 120 columns. Overlong method and constructor definitions should break for EACH parameter
and indent to the opening parenthesis, like so:
public void CrazySuperLongMethodNameOhEmGeeThisThingIsPracticallyANovel (string parameter1,
string parameter2,
string parameter3)
Overlong expressions should break at a logical location and indent 4 spaces, like so:
throw new InvalidOperationExceltion (string.Format (
"There is no action named {0} and the device {1}.", actionName, deviceName));
Overlong expressions in a statement declaration should break logically and indent to the opening parenthesis.
In these cases, Ms. Brace gets her own line, like so:
while (parameter1 == null ||
parameter2 == null ||
parameter3 == null)
7. Use the var keyword and array type-inference as much as you possible can!
8. Use NEITHER the "private" visibility modifier on members, NOR the "internal" visibility modifier on types; those
are the default visibility levels. Github is paying for these bits, you know.
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