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The Mono code under the mcs/ directory is licensed under various
different licenses:
GNU GPL: details avaliable in the file LICENSE.GPL
GNU LGPL: details available in the file LICENSE.LGPL
MIT X11: text available in the file MIT.X11
MPL: text available in the file LICENSE.MPL
For your convenience copies of the GNU GPL and GNU LGPL are
located in the file COPYING and COPYING.LIB.
* Class Libraries:
All of the core classes licensed under the terms of
the MIT X11 license.
Third party libraries that we distribute for
convenience reasons are distributed under their own
terms (all of them allow development of proprietary
applications with them).
Third party libraries include: ByteFX.Data,
ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib, Npgsql, MicrosoftAjaxLibrary.
The Microsoft.JScript assembly is covered by the
MIT X11 and the Mozilla MPL license as it contains
ported pieces of code from Rhino, the Mozilla JavaScript
* Mono C# compiler: Dual licensed MIT X11 and GNU GPL.
* Mono Basic compiler: GNU GPL.
* Various tools in the `tools' directory: GNU GPL.
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