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#include <mono/metadata/class.h>
typedef struct MonoDisHelper MonoDisHelper;
typedef char* (*MonoDisIndenter) (MonoDisHelper *dh, MonoMethod *method, uint32_t ip_offset);
typedef char* (*MonoDisTokener) (MonoDisHelper *dh, MonoMethod *method, uint32_t token);
struct MonoDisHelper {
const char *newline;
const char *label_format;
const char *label_target;
MonoDisIndenter indenter;
MonoDisTokener tokener;
void* user_data;
char* mono_disasm_code_one (MonoDisHelper *dh, MonoMethod *method, const mono_byte *ip, const mono_byte** endp);
char* mono_disasm_code (MonoDisHelper *dh, MonoMethod *method, const mono_byte *ip, const mono_byte* end);
typedef struct MonoMethodDesc MonoMethodDesc;
char* mono_type_full_name (MonoType *type);
char* mono_signature_get_desc (MonoMethodSignature *sig, mono_bool include_namespace);
char* mono_context_get_desc (MonoGenericContext *context);
MonoMethodDesc* mono_method_desc_new (const char *name, mono_bool include_namespace);
MonoMethodDesc* mono_method_desc_from_method (MonoMethod *method);
void mono_method_desc_free (MonoMethodDesc *desc);
mono_bool mono_method_desc_match (MonoMethodDesc *desc, MonoMethod *method);
mono_bool mono_method_desc_full_match (MonoMethodDesc *desc, MonoMethod *method);
MonoMethod* mono_method_desc_search_in_class (MonoMethodDesc *desc, MonoClass *klass);
MonoMethod* mono_method_desc_search_in_image (MonoMethodDesc *desc, MonoImage *image);
char* mono_method_full_name (MonoMethod *method, mono_bool signature);
char* mono_field_full_name (MonoClassField *field);
#endif /* __MONO_DEBUG_HELPERS_H__ */
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