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/////////////////////////////////// Test Overview ////////////////////////////////
// Two threads are started from Main, which allocates 10 static mutexes.
// The first thread locks each mutex in turn, with a delay of 2000ms between
// locks.
// The second thread recursively locks mutex no. 5 10 times, blocking the
// progress of the first thread as this second thread has a delay of 4500ms
// between each lock.When the second thread has called ReleaseMutex on the mutex 10
// times it terminates and the first thread can carry on its cycle of locking and
// releasing mutexes until it exits.
using System;
using System.Threading;
class MutexTest
public static Mutex[] m;
// Code for first thread
public static void ThreadMethod_A()
Console.WriteLine("[Thread A] - Started.....");
for (int i=0;i<10;i++)
Console.WriteLine("[Thread A] - Trying to lock mutex "+i+"...");
Console.WriteLine("[Thread A] - m["+i+"] Locked!");
Console.WriteLine("[Thread A] - Now using mutex ["+i+"]");
Console.WriteLine("[Thread A] - Unlocked the mutex ["+i+"]");
Console.WriteLine("[Thread A] - exiting.....");
// Code for second thread
public static void ThreadMethod_B()
Console.WriteLine("[Thread B] - Started.....");
for (int h=0;h<10;h++)
int i=5;
Console.WriteLine("[Thread B] - Trying to lock mutex "+i+" for "+h+" time...");
Console.WriteLine("[Thread B] - m["+i+"] Locked recursively ["+h+"] times!");
for (int h=0;h<10;h++)
int i=5;
Console.WriteLine("[Thread B] - Unlocked the mutex ["+i+"] for ["+h+"] times");
Console.WriteLine("[Thread B] - Finished.....");
public static void Main()
m = new Mutex[10];
for (int i = 0 ; i<10 ; i++ )
m[i] = new Mutex();
// Create the first thread
Console.WriteLine("[ Main ] - Creating first thread..");
ThreadStart Thread_1 = new ThreadStart(ThreadMethod_A);
// Create the second thread
Console.WriteLine("[ Main ] - Creating second thread..");
ThreadStart Thread_2 = new ThreadStart(ThreadMethod_B);
Thread A = new Thread(Thread_1);
Thread B = new Thread(Thread_2);
Console.WriteLine("[ Main ] - Test Ended");
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